Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Entertainment

I am a true blue fan of being behind vehicles with multiple bumper stickers, funny license plates, funny license plate frames, etc. When stopped at a stoplight, it lightens my heart to see any type of wording, whether I agree with it or not. It's like reading a book while driving, and since you are following the book you don't actually end up smashing into the back of the car in front of you. (Since the "book" IS the car in front of you.)

It's also like taking a peek into the mind of the driver. Which, as an admitted voyeur (discussed, and also misspelled, HERE), puts a smile upon the face that contains my privacy-invading mind. *Yes, I'm also one of those people that annoys everyone by actually looking at the people driving around me. For some reason, looking at someone while they are either driving or next to you at a stoplight makes them feel very uneasy and uncomfortable. Yet it wouldn't actually be a feeling of invasion if you just looked at them the same exact way while walking at the mall or at a restaurant or wherever. I suppose people feel that their cars should be protective barriers and anyone that dares to penetrate this barrier with their eyeballs deserves to die and slow and painful death. A cruel and unusual one.

Anyway, I think it's human nature for us to try and figure out what the letters and numbers on a license plate mean. It feels like it's trying to tell us something extremely important to our survival and if we aren't able to decode the cryptic message, all is lost. And I just so happened to find my absolute favorite personalized license plate EVER while driving home from work last night. It was good enough that though they were driving horribly and offensively slow, I HAD to just stay behind them and keep on keeping on, lovingly enjoying the humor of it. I even pulled out the good 'ol cell phone camera in an attempt to capture this masterpiece. Unfortunately, it was dark and I couldn't. (Yes, I cried myself to sleep last night over the complete disappointment on not being able to look at it anytime I want.) So...... are you curious what it said?

The car itself was a Mini-Cooper, which makes it perfect. So keep in mind a little tiny car (and the whole big truck/small penis thought process) and this: **Highlight below to see it better. I didn't want to take away the surprise by making it stand out too much yet I couldn't find an exact color match to make it invisible to the naked eye**

Much Love!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's amazing to me how one errand can evolve into such a complex and tasking need to run other errands. For example, I am divorced. However, due to the Social Security Office being as it was when I GOT married (4 hour wait..... literally), I avoided going back there after my divorce. So my driver's license and social security card still say my married name. I left work yesterday to hit the SSA office (since I think it's probably a good idea to take care of it prior to moving to another state) thinking that it closes at 5 and getting there at 4 would be perfect. Wrong. It closes at 4 and I managed to arrive there at 4:01. Bummer.

So then I wonder what to do as I have my weekly dinner with Mister Man (aka Billy) but he's not off work yet. Hell, I've been wanting to get a new MP3 player since my old one conveniently disappeared during the Great Flood of 2008. (See previous blogs if you are unaware of the events that transpired.)

Best Buy, here I come. So after driving around aimlessly looking for the Best Buy off 21st South (since that's the location that actually had the one I wanted in stock), I finally arrive at my destination. Keep in mind that the driving around aimlessly resulted from my amazing ability to pay attention to the fact that it's on 21st South, but completely ignoring the remaining part of the address, leaving me with no idea what East or West it's on. I meander to the MP3 aisle and *jackpot*. I find my new baby. However..... there's not a salesperson around to get it out of the top-secret locked area where it has made its home. I finally drag a guy over that looks like he's 10. Get my MP3 player. Leave. Success.

Until..... I remember that you can't just zap music into your MP3 player with the power of your mind. Nope, you need what's called a computer. Repeat after me- c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r. So I hop in my car and drive wildly to my storage unit where my laptop happens to reside. Fortunately, I had placed it in a convenient location so I didn't have to dig through all my piles of memories and dusty furniture to get it. Grabbed it. Success.

Until...... I realized that I had NO idea where the chargy thingy was. If the said laptop has no power, there's no possibility of zapping my tunage. So I figure I'll just have to buy a new one.

Mister Man calls, we go to dinner. I have a hilarious picture of the check to post, but this website just took a hit off the crack pipe of functionality and isn't quite up to par today. I'll post when blogspot is sober. So yah, dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory was delicious and good times were had by all. Or both of us. Though there could have been a killer in that very room..... (shameless plug for an inside joke).

On the way back from dinner I ask Billy if he would like to join me for a wonderful adventure at the local Walmart. He agrees. We hit the first Walmart and decided to see if there were more chargy thingys at another Walmart.

So we hit the OTHER Walmart. Same selection (meaning exactly ONE of the chargy thingys). As it's a necessary expenditure I suck it up and buy it. But people- this IS Walmart. You simply cannot walk into a Walmart and walk out with the one and only item that you originally planned on purchasing. So therefore I was forced to ravage through the $5 movie bin. I had no choice, I tell you! Oh, and I also was forced to buy new music to rip.....

So then I went home and listened to music after the hour of unwrapping, charging, plugging, transfering, ripping, etc. Success.

Don't worry, my lovelies. I managed to make it to the SSA office AND the DMV today so am officially back to my old self. (Pun intended.)

Thanks for listening with your eyeballs, ladies and gentlemen.

Much Love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guilty As Charged

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I've been busy and distracted and excited and on and on. But I am finally blogging about my news.

Effective March 27th, I will no longer be a Utahn. Yep, March 27th will be my last day in Utah. I will load up Michael's truck, throw the dogs in the back, drive my car on the car-trailer thing, and head to Montana.

For the past few years I have been feeling so stuck. I haven't felt like I've been living the life I am supposed to live. Like I've just been stuck doing something that doesn't challenge me or allow me to live up to my potential. Wake up, go to work, go home, read, go to bed. Repeat. Repeat. Etc. I do not want to live like that. I don't want to do the same thing that everyone else does- working an office 9 to 5 job until retirement and then live off social security and 401k. BORING. So...... I'm starting by moving to Montana with Michael.

I got approved at work to "work from home" in Montana. Which means I will basically be able to wake up, make coffee, and go into my office and work in my pajamas with the music as loud as I want (except for when Michael is sleeping). I will be able to make new friends and have new experiences and explore a new place and have an adventure- while also being with the man I love. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Being with Michael is a PART of why I have decided to make such a change. Yes, I love the guy and want to be with him. However, I also know that I am going crazy with the monotony I have lived for the past few years. The monotony has been a pulsing pain inside my brain that previously had no opportunity to be released. The monotony has been dragging me down until I have felt like a robot stuck in the same circular motion. The monotony has drained a bit of my spirit and a bit of my energy. And now, the monotony will be silenced!

I know that life isn't going to be all flowers and gumdrops in Montana. There are going to be times when I feel so alone and wonder what in the world I was thinking. I'm not going into this with some idealistic view that everything is going to be perfect. It's not. I'm going to cry and worry and have good days and bad days. But I DO know that I'll at least be living in a way that I've needed to be living for years. And I'll pat myself on the back as often as I can that I am a strong enough woman to take a chance instead of settling.

I'm sure I'll have some interesting things to blog about in a little under two months. I'm sure that I'll have a lot to say and a lot to share. But until then, I'm just living in the excitement that I'm actually taking control of my life. And I thank myself for that.

Much Love!