Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fantastic Discovery!!

So when I get off work and jump on Facebook, I need background noise. So I turn on the TV. Michael and I get a majestic THREE channels. Simply amazing!

(It works for us just fine since we have Netflix. And though they say "all you need is love", I disagree. I think that "all you need is unlimited movies through Netflix". True story.)

Anyways, so while halfway watching the commercials on one of the three channels we receive, I found something that makes me feel confident that good things are actually still available in the world. This is excluding the already great things, such as: friends and family and food and sleeping and sex and pets and Montana Anti-Meth commercials and working at home and dentists and..... you get the point. So the commercial says "Want $50 for $25? Log on to (can't remember the website- it's saved as a favorite on my work computer) and click on 'Half off Great Falls'".

There's a restaurant that I've wanted to go to for dinner. I thought it was Indian or something like that, because the sign always advertises belly dancers. I know that belly dancers don't really mean that the restaurant serves Indian food, but in my silly mind the two go together. And though I'm not a huge fan of spicy food, I figured it would be a fun experience.

So imagine my surprise when I log on to the website and it says that I can buy two $25 gift certificates for $25. Meaning I can literally get $50 worth of food for $25. That's freaking awesome in itself. And then..... I find out that it's Greek food, not Indian. I LOVE GREEK FOOD.

So I am completely happy right now. I get $50 worth of Greek food for $25- and I can plan to go with Michael on a night when they have belly dancers for entertainment!!!

Apparently, there are more perks out here than I realized....

Next month's special deal? Gift certificates for Taco Del Mar. And I just so happen to like me some Mexican food, as well.......

Much Love!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Tad Creepy.....

So Michael and I stopped at the gas station the other night. He "gassed up" while I went inside to buy beer and a drink that Michael wanted. I went in right after a man who actually ended up following me in. He held the door for me, and then followed me around the store. I opened the little door thing in the refrigerated area to get Michael's drink and grabbed his drink. Then realized the bottle was sticky. So I went to open the door again to get a clean bottle and creepy guy was there. I attempted to shut the door so that he could squeeze by, and he made the signal to go for it, no worries. (Which meant he wanted me to bend over again for him.....). So I grab Michael's drink and start walking towards the beer area. This random girl says "Can I tell you something?" from across the store. She runs up to me and proceeds to tell me that I have the perfect body. And then continues giving me details on how I have the perfect body. Explicit details......

As I am a nice person, I thank her for the compliment. I finally find what I need to get and walk to the counter to check out. I hear "There's the hot girl again!". Apparently, the woman that adored me was just in the bathroom and not gone. So she again told me how I have the perfect body while I am buying beer and wine at the check-out.

As weird and creepy as the whole situation was- I FEEL GOOD. She wasn't ugly. She wasn't dirty. She wasn't gross. And here this woman felt the need (probably a drunken need) to tell me that I look amazing. She literally told me that she didn't "GO" that way, but if she did it would be me. Granted, she was probably completely drunk or stoned or whatever. But I choose to take it as a complete compliment.

I'm writing about it because it was one of the most random and weird things, yet it made me feel confident.

So thank you, random drunk and/or drugged out girl! Thank you.

Other than that, Michael and I made progress this weekend. We bought a lawnmower and I actually used it a bit to help mow the lawn. Michael did most of it, but I figured I should probably help out, so I did. And then we were in the mood- so we started doing yardwork together. Michael said "This is our first time doing yardwork together", and it's true. So it was nice. We have plans for the yard. And I have actually stepped in and helped, as opposed to just having Michael do it all. So that's great! I shoveled and he dug, and it's looking good. We have plans....

Anyways, it's time for bed. Especially since I'm trying to work a 12-hour day tomorrow.....

And just so people know- I HATE anonymous comments. Be yourself, that's all I ask....

Much Love!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I'm watching Dateline right now. And the story that was just on it absolutely brilliant and completely fascinates me!

In Indio, California, the cops are actually getting feisty towards the homes that have been forclosed on. Apparently there is a law there that states that a property owner MUST maintain certain standards. Like no broken windows, a nice yard, etc.

So they are going around to houses that are now "bank-owned" and letting them know that they (the bank) are in violation of the law unless they take care of the problems.

So all these banks in Indio are now having to pay out the money to hire people to do landscaping, housework, etc on vacant homes.

I, personally, think that is brilliant!! I just had to share because that makes me extremely happy. The knowledge that someone, somewhere, has found a way to punish the banks that screwed people. Granted, I get VERY angry at the stupid selfish people that got huge houses just to look good, be vain, and prove how much money they pretend to have. But a LOT of people lost their jobs and THOSE are the people I feel for. No job = no money for mortgage payments. So that's what makes me happy. Punishing big business. Wahoo!!!

Much Love!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Turning Canine

What I mean by that is that I pretty much hang out with 2 dogs for the majority of my time. That's not a complaint in the slightest. I love our babies. I'm just going to have a hard time not meeting people and wanting to scratch their stomachs and rub their ears. (Which would be an easy way to weed out the uptight people, right?) :)

For those of you that don't know, I have horrible teeth. I found a dentist out here and have been getting some work done, and have plans on as much work as my insurance will pay in a calendar year. And maybe a even a bit more. I had one broken tooth (I know, it's gross and yucky) that I got fixed today. And I can't even explain how much better it makes me feel about my smile, and my whole self in general! I forget how nice it is to be able to smile that regular Jessica smile without covering it up. So I am feeling pretty good about things right now.

As here's something that I'm proud of- for dinner last night I made Pork Chops and Broccoli Cheese soup which was delicious. And then tonight for dinner..... I made some crazy mixture. Rice, cheese, leftover Pork Chops, leftover Broccoli Cheese Soup, and butter. I am an amazing cook, and inventor. I can cook amazingly well, and then invent something just as amazing with the leftovers! (Sorry, I'm just proud of being able to cook and then re-use the leftovers by cooking again.)

It's finally starting to warm up out here. It hit 66 degrees today, and should be 77 degrees by Monday! I am just going to take in the sun and good weather when I can, and appreciate it for what it is.

Michael and I are going to Missoula next weekend to spend the day with Michael's friend and his wife. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be nice to meet some new people and spend some time in a different place.

Anyways, I have to go because I'm getting tired. I have overtime to do this week. I'm trying to keep things updated. I know that I used to talk about my thoughts and feelings and opinions a lot more. I'm sorry that it's turned into me just writing random updates on my life. After work these days I just want to sit and watch movies and relax- and NOT be on a computer. So it's hard to get on here as much as I'd like. I suppose I should work on that.

Much Love!