Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye, Dear Tank Tops

So it's April. And now I live in Montana. Which means that there is an inch or so of snow on the ground right now. For someone that hates the cold and loves sweating from summer heat, this is an issue.

I will deal with it, obviously. My mom teased me about how it is always cold here- and it got annoying. But now I have to suck it up and admit that she was absolutely right. It's cold here, damnit.

It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that the wind never stops. So even when it's SUPPOSED to be 80 degrees, it feels like 70, or even 65, because it is constantly blowing. Which blows. (Pun intended!)

But on the other hand- this is the place to be if the USA is going down. Our power is not through crazy lines that come from crazy sources. As long as the Missouri River is running, we have power. And if someone were to blow up the dams, you ask? Well.... no power. But as far as being able to live- there are natural springs that just gurgle water from the middle of the Earth. Water is the most important thing needed to survive. And we have that.

Sorry, that was pretty random. I just think it's cool that my life is not entirely dependent on anything other than nature out here.

I'm adapting to working from home. At first I would have the TV on. But I found that when the TV is on, I actually end up distracted and wanting to watch it. So my new thing is to put in DVD after DVD throughout the day. And the good thing about that is that I'm putting in the DVDs that I've seen a billion times and can pretty much tone out. See- it's complex. I can't have silence when I am working. It drives me insane. But I can't have something on that I am really interested in. (I started getting into damn soap operas, as much as I hate to admit it. Did GiGi tell Rex that she didn't cheat on him with Brody but just pretended to so that her sister would give up her bone marrow to save GiGi's son's life since the sister wanted Rex and wouldn't be a donor unless GiGi ended it with Rex, even though it turns out that she's not even a match as a donor but knows who is and is using him- the person I don't know about yet- for his bone marrow? I don't know, because I started caring and had to stop.)

Music may be a possibility. Michael showed me how to stream music, so I may try that out once I exhaust every movie in the house. I only worry that I will just want to sing and sing and then again- have trouble focusing. See- I have this thing called a "work ethic". And this other thing called "motivation". I honestly want to do well at my job. Yes, I work for a paycheck. But I feel good when I end the day knowing that I did my job well. So I just need to find the perfect balance between background noise vs too much noise vs not enough noise. But practice makes perfect, right?

Other than that, things are normal and well here. Not a whole lot happening. We were going to see the slot car races this weekend, but I doubt we'll get out much since IT SNOWED.

I am now going to heat myself up some burritos and slather them with cheese and sour cream, and watch a movie. And then go to bed to prepare myself for more work tomorrow. Due to mandatory overtime, this is a busy week for me.

I know that wasn't the most exciting or entertaining post. Sorry. Just wanted to send another update.

Much Love!


elbie said...

i know that working at home is totally different than working in an office with office chatter and such... but, i've had a hard time even listening to music at work unless it's something that's pretty chill that i'm not very familiar with... it's worked for me!

Goofy McWanker said...

Hey, it was awesome to see You and Co. last weekend. Thanks for treating us to the Lep and I'm glad that Radio Flyer got you home safely (after a brief pit stop, eh?) If the stars align themselves properly, I may just make my own trip up there. Love ya.

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