Friday, April 3, 2009

Montanan. Seriously. Update Here....

So I wondered- are people that live in Montana called "Montanans", "Montanites", "Montanians", etc. And it's true- "we" are called Montanans. I heard it on a commercial. (And everything that is on TV it true and real.)

So here I am in Great Falls, MT. It's a small town (though it's the third largest in Montana, which is really hard to believe yet still true). I tried to get lost the other day while driving around, but it's small enough that you can't really get lost in it. Plus you've got the added help that the streets are similar to Salt Lake. For those of you that don't know, Salt Lake is based on a North/South and East/West map. There's a split between the East and West sides of town, and the North and South. The further south you go, the higher the "south" you are on is. So in Great Falls it's similar though it's all Avenues and Streets. The streets run east to west and go from like 1st street to a billionth street. (I only say that because I don't know how far east it goes.) Then there's Central Ave. The streets north of Central are 1st Ave N, 2nd Ave N, etc.... and I'm sure you can figure out that it's the same going south. So though I tried to lose myself in this city (which I'm more inclined to call a town), I couldn't.

I don't necessarily DISLIKE Great Falls. I can't dislike someplace after only being there for a week. It's just that it's still winter so it looks dirty and ugly. It will pass, I know. That's why I'm holding onto the fact that I need to make the best of it and it will change.

There are no Taco Bells or Taco Times here. But if you go the 10th Ave S (the main strip), you will find a Taco John or Taco Treat on every corner. Makes me think that the average Great Falls citizen indulged in tacos enough to have a huge following for each of them. (Now I'm craving tacos.....)

On a different subject- I am used to good-looking people. Salt Lake City has amazingly good-looking people at every turn. I don't know why, but it's true. And I think that SLC folk agree with me. But here in Great Falls...... Let me just say I went to the gas station the other day and everyone I came across just looked at me as if they would be willing to do anything I asked of them if I would let them touch me for just one moment. And you should all know by now that I don't have the highest self-esteem when it comes to my physical looks. That right there says a LOT. So I guess my advice to any woman who feels like they are not attractive- move to Great Falls. You will pretty much be the most attractive woman in town..... (It's just WEIRD!)

I absolutely LOVE our little rental house. It's small, but it's just me, Michael, and our children (the dogs) so it's the perfect size. And it actually has a really good "feel" to it. My office/room (my clothes and dresser are in there) looks absolutely awesome. I've worked in there for 32 hours so far with no complaints whatsoever. Okay, I have complained. But only about work, not my office itself.

The dogs are getting along okay. Sunni still tries to do a power-play with Mindy by attempting to hump her. But other than that, they are good friends.

It's been fabulous seeing Michael. For the whole 45 hours I have seen him since arriving here (which includes about more than 20 hours sleeping) Sunday morning (at 4 AM.) Which doesn't sound that bad until you realize there are 24 hours in a day and so I've been here since Sunday which (I just did the math) means that I've only actually spent time with him awake for....

<----- so I wrote the above pretty soon after I moved here and didn't post it, or anything since (obviously).

The town of Great Falls really is a lot better looking after the dirty snow crap goes away. I still don't get lost, but I'm actually getting a feel for the place. I know where to go to get to Smith's, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, the "mall", etc. And on the weekend we have been hiking. It's freaking beautiful out here! Keep in mind that I have a sky fetish, and am now living in "Big Sky Country". So I just stare above a lot.

I work a lot. I signed up for an overtime project, and then got told that I have mandatory overtime for my actual normal job..... so I'm in my office a lot. But hey- it's money, right? We (Michael and I) have a plan to get completely out of debt. Though he is actually out of debt, so now it's on me... Haha! We have the long term plan of living in a sailboat on the ocean. Seriously. I know it sounds like a silly fantasy, but we can realistically do it in about 8 years or so. Meaning buy the sailboat with cash. If all goes well, we won't have to be drained with the 9-5 office jobs for ours lives. (And I mean that in the sense of working a boring steady job, since Michael's job most definately ISN'T a 9-5 office job.....)

Anyways, it's amazing out here as long as you are into the outdoors. Turns out that half the town just goes to the bars and gets drunk on the weekends, the other half are outside doing something active with nature. Can you guess which half I will fall into? :) (And if you say going to the bars, I am disappointed that you see me that way. Haha!)

Speaking of the bars, most of the stores in town (even the "mall") close at 6 on Saturdays. That's just crazy to me! But apparently, that's the big night for everyone to go out and get drunk.....

I bought myself some really expensive hiking boots. I am actually going to push myself to the breaking point and do some crazy hiking. Now that I don't smoke (I quit smoking, for those that aren't friends on Facebook) I can actually push myself to the point of exhaustion without my lungs feeling pain. Granted, they still hurt due to the lack of using them for anything good for a while. But they don't hurt like they used to. Yah for not smoking!!!!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging. It's hard now that I don't blog at work. When I am working now, I am working. I even told Michael today to stop talking to me since I had to focus. So it's hard to get on the computer after work again. I will try though, damnit! :)

For those that "follow" me or even just read my blog, I am now officially on Facebook. Which I thought was dumb, until I found out that it is NOTHING like Myspace. So anyways, if you feel like getting in touch on Facebook (since I'm on there more than here), search for Jessica Maher. That's me, that's my name.

Anyways, back to Great Falls. It's a totally different way of life. A slower one. And I like that. Maybe I'm built for a smaller town atmosphere. Maybe I have a small town mentality. Whatever it is, I like that nobody seems to be in a crazy rush out here. People drive the actual speed limit! (Unheard of, I know!)

The relationship between me and Michael is so much better than it has ever been. There has always been issues between us, but now that we are out here together, they don't exist. We have been having a great time getting to REALLY know each other. We even sit down to dinner at a table instead of in front of the TV and just talk to each other about some random thought that just strikes us or whatever!

I did freak out one night. Michael was gone and I couldn't talk to anyone out here since I still don't know anyone. I felt like I was completely alone in this world. But I wasn't alone in this world. Though I'm not physically close to those I love (other than Michael, Mindy, and Sunni), I still know that I am loved. Which means that I am NOT alone. As cheesy as that may sound, it's the truth.

Okay, it's bedtime. I just wanted to post what I attempted to write a while ago, and update on what is happening now.

I am lucky, I am loved, I am happy, I can breathe!!, I am stable, I feel good. This was a good decision. And I thank myself for being strong enough to make it.

Much Love!


elbie said...

i'm so glad you posted an update!! i'm glad things are going well so far!!

(and congrats for quitting smoking!! it seems that almost everyone i know who smokes has recently quit...)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the non smoking bit. Seriously. I have personally quit now for 17 hours. I am using one of those things called an E-Cigarette (DSE901)... and with 0 nicotine in it so I am just getting the hand to mouth fetish :)

Once again congrats and keep up the good work

Goofy McWanker said...

Well, I had to re-read this now that we've recently conversed in person and I gotta say, you're still on the right matter how many negatives you find, it IS a good decision will be, at the very least, a life changing and learning experience. This I can promise you. Also, I can promise that I still love you, Sunni, Michael and Melinda.