Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fantastic Discovery!!

So when I get off work and jump on Facebook, I need background noise. So I turn on the TV. Michael and I get a majestic THREE channels. Simply amazing!

(It works for us just fine since we have Netflix. And though they say "all you need is love", I disagree. I think that "all you need is unlimited movies through Netflix". True story.)

Anyways, so while halfway watching the commercials on one of the three channels we receive, I found something that makes me feel confident that good things are actually still available in the world. This is excluding the already great things, such as: friends and family and food and sleeping and sex and pets and Montana Anti-Meth commercials and working at home and dentists and..... you get the point. So the commercial says "Want $50 for $25? Log on to (can't remember the website- it's saved as a favorite on my work computer) and click on 'Half off Great Falls'".

There's a restaurant that I've wanted to go to for dinner. I thought it was Indian or something like that, because the sign always advertises belly dancers. I know that belly dancers don't really mean that the restaurant serves Indian food, but in my silly mind the two go together. And though I'm not a huge fan of spicy food, I figured it would be a fun experience.

So imagine my surprise when I log on to the website and it says that I can buy two $25 gift certificates for $25. Meaning I can literally get $50 worth of food for $25. That's freaking awesome in itself. And then..... I find out that it's Greek food, not Indian. I LOVE GREEK FOOD.

So I am completely happy right now. I get $50 worth of Greek food for $25- and I can plan to go with Michael on a night when they have belly dancers for entertainment!!!

Apparently, there are more perks out here than I realized....

Next month's special deal? Gift certificates for Taco Del Mar. And I just so happen to like me some Mexican food, as well.......

Much Love!


Mickelle said...

Hey, I landed on your diary and I had to know: what work do you do from home, if you don't mind me asking?

Just Me said...

Hello, Mickelle.
I have worked for my company for almost 9 years, and I basically just put in a request to "work from home". So it's not something that I stumbled upon or anything like that. I just got lucky to work for a company that has it as an option for their "high-performing employees".

Goofy McWanker said...

Be sure to give me a review of that Greek grub, will ya? As you well know, the City of Salt is saturated with Greek food, mostly delicious, but it's a STORY when Great Falls boasts a Greek Ristorante (I think that was actually italian. oh well) Hope to see ya soon, my dear!

Brent Festge said...

food is for sissies. Specially when its free.