Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I'm watching Dateline right now. And the story that was just on it absolutely brilliant and completely fascinates me!

In Indio, California, the cops are actually getting feisty towards the homes that have been forclosed on. Apparently there is a law there that states that a property owner MUST maintain certain standards. Like no broken windows, a nice yard, etc.

So they are going around to houses that are now "bank-owned" and letting them know that they (the bank) are in violation of the law unless they take care of the problems.

So all these banks in Indio are now having to pay out the money to hire people to do landscaping, housework, etc on vacant homes.

I, personally, think that is brilliant!! I just had to share because that makes me extremely happy. The knowledge that someone, somewhere, has found a way to punish the banks that screwed people. Granted, I get VERY angry at the stupid selfish people that got huge houses just to look good, be vain, and prove how much money they pretend to have. But a LOT of people lost their jobs and THOSE are the people I feel for. No job = no money for mortgage payments. So that's what makes me happy. Punishing big business. Wahoo!!!

Much Love!


Goofy McWanker said...

Almost as compelling as 'To Catch A Predator'! It's a shame how many small banks and credit unions got bitch-slapped by the real estate crash but I do agree that the corporate mega-banks that lent foolishly for years deserve to stew in their own juices...or something.

Andrea Low said...

That's freakin awesome!