Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Things I Hate

-While watching TV, seeing peoples' eyes move to the point where you know they are just reading their cue cards or monitors. If there are editors, why don't they catch this pathetically obvious thing? Eyes moving from right to left on TV. It's pathetically obvious. I hate it.

-The whole "wearing the pants low to the point where your ass is hanging out" trend. Boys and girls. Boys doing it makes them look like they can't even afford a belt. Girls doing it makes them look like sluts. (Sorry, but true.) I hate it.

-Tattoos that people get because the tattoo is "cute", or "trendy", or "popular", or "pretty", or etc. Tattoos are on your skin FOREVER, and if you don't get one that actually means something to you, you are dumb. Sorry, but true. My two tattoos are very very symbolic to me and my life, so they will stay that way for the rest of my life. Getting stupid tattoos..... I hate it.

-Social expectations. No matter what the social expectation is. Whether it's being fake, having kids, getting married, watching TV faithfully, etc. If you fail to do or believe in these expectations, you are odd. I'm not fake, I don't want kids, I will get married to Michael someday but not now, I don't watch much TV, etc. Any social expectation..... I hate it.

-Restaurant tables. (And the fact that I have to pull up to spell "restaurant" since it's one of my words I have issues spelling.) Do people not even realize that the cleaning of tables is with the same cloth that was used on 10 previous tables and it's all just pretty much swiped off? If I see someone, anyone, put their forks or spoons on the table and then eat with it, I get a sick feeling. I hate it.

-The under-estimation of musicals. I adore musicals, and don't understand the bad rap they get. It's not "gay". It's not weird. It's good music within a movie. I LOVE musicals, and the assumption that they suck? I hate it.

-Old Navy commercials. I have never ever liked a single Old Navy commercial. They are horrible, and they suck. I hate them.

-The random hair in the mouth. Whether it's from a dog, an unknown source, an "encounter" (you all know what I mean), a lint pickup, whatever. It's gross. I hate it.

-Michael Moore. People think he exposes things for what they are. But what he "exposes" is only his opinion. Hell, if I could make movies based on my opinion, that would be awesome. I could make movies, too! And be so much more a better looking "spokesperson" than him. The fact that people get sucked in to Michael Moore's opinion.... I hate it.

-Chapped lips. I am addicted to Chapstick. I have always been addicted to some form of lip moisturizer. Always. Chapstick is my personal favorite, and I NEED it. But.... my addiction to Chapstick and my anger towards chapped lips?..... I hate it.

-Snakes. That's it. Snakes. I hate them.

-Sarah Palin. Again, I hate snakes. (Haha!). I hate her/it/them.

-Snoring. Thank God my honey Michael doesn't snore. Yet.... my dog Sunni does.... I hate it.

-Government control. No explanation needed on that. I hate it.

-When a younger woman's teeny tiny dress flies up in the wind and just happens to show my boyfriend her ass. Sadly enough, it has the potential to cause weirdness. I hate it.

-The cold. If I have goosebumps (other then the good ones) then I am completely uncomfortable and I hate it.

Okay okay okay. There's still a lot more that I hate, but I should let it go for tonight. It's time for bed!!!

Much love!


elbie said...

yo, hater of lots of things! it's good to at least see you put something up! your blog readers have been missing you!

Willy G said...

I just gotta say, I think that most trends are allowed to continue well beyond their expiration date, whether they were ever cool or simply perceived to be cool.

Maybe RENT re-popularized the musical for our generation and with any luck, the next? 525,600 minutes...