Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ear Presents

I like music. But I'm not a music lover as I find a lot of people are. By this I mean that I like listening to music, but I only LOVE certain songs. My car got broken into once and I paid the deductible to get the stereo replaced. Then it got broken into again only a few months later, and I just figured I'd forgo the stereo and just sing to myself while in the car. That was oh.... about 5 years ago. So as I spent plenty of time in the car daily I have gotten used to the silence, with only my thoughts and car sounds filling the void. Once I got used to this, it's hard to get back to the true LOVE of music I once had.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy music. But as I spend such small amounts of time actually being able to listen to music, I listen to the same things over and over again. I give my music-listening time to those songs that bring tears to my eyes, or make me want to dance, or bring back a memory, or that I can identify with. Thank God for playlists on Youtube where I can add all my favorite songs and skip through them whenever I want to. Every now and then I'll discover some new song or artist and listen repeatedly to the same song/artist over and over again. My friend Chad introduced me to a new song today that I have been listening to on repeat for the past 3 hours or so. Yep, it's going to have to end up on my playlist as it's beautiful. (Artist: Adele, Song: Chasing Pavement)

Sometimes I wonder if my lack of needing music constantly has something to do with my absolute NEED to think. I am perfectly capable of sitting outside for an hour without doing anything other than thinking. My thoughts take these crazy trips and twists and turns and then suddenly I will realize that my ass hurts as I've just been sitting and thinking for an hour. It's odd. So I think that having constant noise in the background would take away some of my thinking time. It would distract and detract from the silence required to give credit to my brain for keeping on churning. Giving my brain respective props, I suppose.

Whatever the reason is, I don't require music in my life most of the time. And it's appreciated more when I am able to actually give it a listen. Which I am doing at this moment. Enjoying and appreciating. Until I leave for the day and wait for another opportunity to give my ears a present.

Back to Adele on repeat for the last hour I am here.......

Much Love!


elbie said...

many times when driving i'll realize after i've gotten to my destination that i've not turned on any music, and i like it.

THINKER!! (imagine me yelling this at you and pointing, how insulting, no?)

Goofy McWanker said...

I've become accustomed to the typical need for constant noise. When I'm in my room, which I am ALOT, I either have the TV on or my computer pumpin' out the tunes. Then, when I'm at the office, I stream my favorite jazz station. When in my car, it's either KRCL or CDs but always something. At my other job, I roll the podcasts. See? Constant noise. I'd lie if I claimed to not occasionally envy you thinky types. God bless ya.