Monday, January 26, 2009

Trendy Sexuality

I simply do not understand the trend of women these days deciding to be bisexual. It seems like everywhere I turn there's been another woman I know deciding that she suddenly and miraculously swinging both ways. Is this because woman-on-woman is more socially acceptable? Is this because these people are so desperate for attention that they'll do anything to get it? Is this because they get so fed up with men that they think being with a woman would be any different?

Granted, I have absolutely NO problem with homosexuality in either male or female. I couldn't care less. I have some great gay friends, both male and female. I just don't understand the sudden need for a lot of women to just start either dating or sleeping with women. Actually, I don't mind the dating so much. That at least shows that there is some interest in an actual relationship, which tells me that they probably aren't just doing it for show or attention or to get laid even easier. But just simply deciding that they are going to sleep with whoever comes along no matter what sex they are? I don't get it.

Trust me, I'm far from being considered a prude. I have had a past that some people would simply not believe. So I'm not angel in any department. I guess if someone really needs sex that much that they don't care where they get it, I can't judge them. But that doesn't mean that I'll understand them. There's gotta be at least SOME standards and/or limits, right? Now keep in mind that I'm not talking about people that really and truly consider themselves bisexual. I do believe that there are people that are simply born with it.

But..... it just seems like so many women are jumping on the "I'm Bisexual!" bandwagon that there's either something in the water, something in the air, or maybe they just rationalize it. A lot of men I know think girls being together is "hot". Good for them. But I feel absolutely no need to "sleep" with a woman in order to impress anyone......

I'm not insecure enough with myself and my body to need to sleep with as many people as possible to make myself feel good about myself. And I'm not necessarily saying that the "bisexual bandwagon" is either. I guess I'm just trying to figure out why so many women these days have decided that straddling the fence is a good idea. (No pun intended.) There's a big difference between knowing that you've been with a woman experimentally, but it's a whole other thing to declare yourself completely bisexual. It's like an epidemic.

Much Love!

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