Monday, November 23, 2009


I firmly believe that none of us will ever know the impact that we have had on other people and their lives. I will always think about numerous people that affected me and meant something to me in one way or another. And I'm pretty sure that none of those people could imagine that they still exist in the occasional thought of mine.

Friends, relationships, acquaintences. Some good, some bad. But those people helped make me who I am today and I will never forget them. Ever. And I wish that I could tell some of those people just how much they meant to me, and just how much importance they actually did have in my life.

Due to the wonder of modern technology (aka: the internet) and of modern websites (aka: Facebook), I have been fortunate to get back in contact with some of those people. And I have been able to communicate to them just how much they meant to me, and will always mean to me.

And there is a flip side to that.

I am being amazed. People that I thought I was just another face in the crowd to are opening up. I am getting closure on some things. I am being reminded of so many good times that I have forgotten about. And I am getting reminded over and over again that I am and always will be loved. It's completely blowing my mind, to be honest.

There are people that I knew from years and years ago that were so extremely important to me. I loved them. And amazingly enough, I am constantly being made to see that I wasn't just a little blip on their radar. That their love for me was equal to my love for them. It wasn't just a one-way street. I know that it may be silly to even think that it was ever that way, anways. But I think we all have a bad habbit of diminishing our importance to other people.

I may not be communicating very clearly what I'm trying to say, and I apologize.

The point that I'm trying to make is this: Just as I hold people close to my heart, those same people hold me close to their hearts. And for that, I am honored.

Much Love!


elbie said...

you must have tapped into my brain just a little bit. i've been pondering the same kind of concept all weekend.

Just Me said...

Hey- it's a great brain to tap into! :)

I just think we are way too hard on ourselves and our pasts. Let's just realize that WE MATTER. To lots of people.

elbie said...

so interesting. we must discuss in person.