Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signs? Omens? Chances?

So here I sit in my home office for the next week. And then I'll have a new home office. Decisions had to be made.

I believe that we all have energy, and the energy we have is stronger than anyone can even imagine. I also believe that using that energy when it comes to making choices can show you the way. Or at least lead you in a certain direction.

When I was deciding whether to move to Montana or not, I saw all sorts of signs. I kept an open mind and kept my eyes open. There's a long list of things that made themselves apparent to me that Montana was the way for me to go. And though it's ended, it's ended well. I've had a great time out here in Montana, seen some amazing things, met some wonderful people. I have NO regrets on moving here. Not one.

So in figuring out where to go and what to do NOW, I've again been keeping an open mind and keeping my eyes open. And the new signs are all around. Certain names continually popping up, certain places, certain thoughts. Even people are having a crazy influence on my situation.

I am moving back to Salt Lake. For now. I have a storage unit that needs going through, I have some other things to take care of in Utah. Until I move again.

Things came together for me. I found an apartment in one day that will allow me to have Sunni and have a 6-month lease. I got all the utilities scheduled for hooking up in one day. The U-haul trailer is a LOT cheaper than originally assumed. My car has a ton of brand new stuff so it's been reborn and ready to drive to Salt Lake. Michael is gone this weekend which gives me the whole time to have the house to myself and pack. I marvel about how smoothly this is all happening. It truly blows my mind.

But I only intend on staying in Salt Lake for the 6 months. I am single, with nothing tying me down anywhere. I am lucky enough to work from home where I can simply pick up and move without any complications with my job. And I feel nomadic. Staying in one place for too long holds no appeal to me. At least staying in Salt Lake for too long holds no appeal. I've lived there pretty much all of my life. And though Salt Lake will always be "home", it no longer draws me or makes me feel like that is where my life is to be lived.

You see, I have evolved. I have taken a step out of my comfort zone and found that I LOVE the challenge. I love doing something that I never expected I would do. I love experiencing different things instead of just "knowing" how things are going to be. So I am taking chances. I refuse to be stuck. I have blogged before about feeling stuck. That's Utah to me. Stuck. And I hate stuck.

I am going to LIVE my life, instead of just having one. In 6 months, you'll find me somewhere else. Because I'm reading the signs.

Much Love!


elbie said...

i love your outlook. i hope your next adventure is just as great! oh yeah, i'd love to see you while you're in town. 801-455-5206.

Just Me said...

Thanks, honey! Got your number and it would be great to get together. :)