Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books And Other Things

I read a LOT. And it's mostly the dumb non-fiction murder mysteries and the like. And I have a theory about reading.

It's sad.

Because I read so fast that I get involved in another world and get excited to get back to that other world during work breaks, or on weekends, etc.

But since I'm such a fast reader, it's done. And when I finish a book, I feel at a loss for a bit. I liked that dreamworld that I existed in for the time that I was there. I liked the images that came into my mind and the worlds I imagined. I liked the knowledge that I was safe in my own comfortable little world while reading about people that were going through some traumatic situations. And then it's over and done and it makes me sad.

Keep in mind that I'd rather read a book than watch TV (with the exception of my two shows I watch which total an entire TWO hours during the whole week). I devour words and books like I'm a starving Bohemian thirsting for a drink. I prefer to imagine my own worlds, which can be done with books. Instead of SEE a world that someone else has created for you with watching movies.

Granted, I LOVE my movies. So maybe I'm not making sense.....

I love the fact that by reading a book, I can still use my imagination. Adults apparently forget how to use that. By reading a book, I have to imagine the neighborhood, what the people look like, what the police station looks like, etc. I get to be a kid again, in my own way. And I will never give that up.

But.... my point is that I love reading so much that I feel sadness when I finish a good book. Because it's over.

But..... on the other hand- sometimes things are better off being "over". Michael and I have broken up. We are friends, but not together due to some actually ridiculous circumstances. Which is okay.

I need to fly. I need to stop caring so much about someone else that I put my own life on hold for them. That I follow that person to some crazy small town and all that. I don't regret what I've done for a second. I really don't. I've had a great time and enjoyed some new things and taken a chance. And Michael and I will always love each other in our own way. Yet.... I need to fly.

And I like having wings.

Much Love!

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Andrea Low said...

I love reading your blog! You are so blunt and no regrets about you! I'm sorry you and your boy are finished, but glad you are able to see it is a good thing! :) You seriously rock!