Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celebrate Good Times

We had our work party today. We had this whole thing planned for June 28th at a park in Riverton with bounce houses and a balloon animal dude for the kids, a catered BBQ and lots of water games. But nobody was going. Basically, out of the 60-something employees in my office, there were only about 13 or so going. And 6 of them were on the planning committee. So they cancelled it and we just did it today at work. We got to be off the phones from 11:30 to 1, which is nice. And since I'm on the planning committee I helped set up starting at 10:30. So I have almost three hours of my workday done already just by the event. Anyways, we had catered lunch and played Bingo, which was actually really fun since I work with funny and awesome people. And then we had the drawing for prizes. We had some awesome prizes this year and everybody got something. Prizes ranged from a $100 gift card down to a company T-shirt. There was a portable DVD player, some gravity chairs, some I-Pod shuffles, etc. So yah, we had some nice prizes. What did I win, you ask? One of these
for $50. Pretty sweet, huh? I'm always okay with free money. So yah, it was nice. And we are all stuffed and hot and a little richer than we were before today. Which is always a good ending to a work party. And the best thing was that people seemed to actually like it! It's almost impossible to do something that an office of 60-something women and 2 men (that were there, at least) enjoy. Not bad, huh?
And..... Someone that I love and care about told me a secret yesterday. What is it about secrets that just make the person being told the secret feel so special? I mean, just knowing that the person I'm referring to trusts me and cares enough about me to tell me a secret about a certain something just to help me out with something I'm going through is amazing to me. I'm trusted by somebody. Somebody sacrificed their own comfort level by telling me their secret just to comfort ME. And that makes me love this person even more. Sorry to be so cryptic about it, but it IS as secret, after all. I hope the above made any sort of sense.
Nothing too exciting today, but I must get to work so that's all you are getting.
Much Love!

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