Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Year

Well, folks, today is my birthday. I am officially 29 years old as of 11:06 AM. And so I begin my last year in my 20's. Remember how exciting birthdays were when we were kids? Parties and presents and friends and all that. It was tied with Christmas for the most exciting day of the year. But on your birthday, it was ALL about you and you didn't have to share the day with anybody else. And then we grow up. And birthdays are just another day that just happens to add another digit to the way our chronological years are numbered. Amazing how things can change like that. Don't get me wrong, I still love my birthday. Though I pretend like it's a big deal, I have no problem with getting older. Mostly because I'm still young. Hahaha! So my birthday is like a game to see how many people remember, but I don't get hurt if people forget. (I'm horrible with remembering birthdays myself.) This year I'm scoring pretty good, actually. Emails and e-cards and phone calls and texts and in person. It's interesting to think about how many people each of us really knows. We look at our circle of friends and our family and they are a given. But my goodness, I've had people wish me Happy Birthday that I don't even talk to very often at all! So to be perfectly honest, I'm feeling special today. And after dinner with some of my closest friends, I'll be one happy camper. Without the camping, unfortunately. :)

Anyways, I had a crazy busy weekend. It was nice to get out and do so much and see so many people. 4-wheeling with Jarad, the Sugarhouse Art Festival and a Bee's game with Billy, and spending some nice relaxing time with Michael. I had an excellent weekend and feel refreshed and happy. And that, ladies and gentleman, is a wonderful thing.

If you aren't aware, I got a DUI and am at the tail end of my probation. I'm technically supposed to be on probation until October, but my PO has talked about taking me off probation early so I doubt I'll be on it much longer. I have to call a phone number every day to see if they call my number and if they do (it's a 2) then I have to go in for a pee test for drugs, and a breathalyzer. Which is weird since people could still drink the night before and then pass the breathalyzer. But today they are doing a pee test that can actually test for alcohol for the past 5 days. And it'll be so nice because when I pass (since I have been a very very good girl) then maybe they will take that into consideration and let me off even earlier! It's not that big of a deal since it's just one time a month for my probation meeting and then the random tests. But it will be SO nice to not have to call the phone number every single day and then work around my plans and work to get in there when it's my number. I guess we'll see when I meet with my PO later this month. Maybe it's silly, but I'm excited about this test. Knowing that I'm going to pass is a very good feeling. I'm sure that there are going to be plenty of people that they "bust", but I am extremely proud to say that I won't be one of them. Wahoo!!!

I am going to leave work early today. I had the entire day off but came in for a few hours. I'm going to grab a nice cold iced tea and change into shorts and a tank top and grab the book I'm currently reading and head to the park to enjoy the sun and freedom and nature. And think about everything in my life that I'm grateful for. Even with troubles and worries and problems and issues, life is good. And this life is MINE. So I'm making today, my birthday, my individual Thanksgiving.

Much Love!


thegalpinclan said...

Happy birthday doll! I am so glad you had a great one! Sounds like things are good and that is awesome. Love ya tons!!!!

Cameron's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica. I guess you're on probation with the county. I couldn't find you in our system.

No drinking today... remember.