Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Madness

The Gallivan Center downtown has some really cool stuff going on during the summer. Last year, we'd go to the the Twilight Concert Series once a week (find info about it HERE) and enjoy the sun, the music, the beer, etc. Some friends from work would leave work early every Thursday to throw down some blankets and "reserve" seating on the ground. We saw some great bands last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

There is also the Rock' N' Ribs festival (which is being held on August 23rd this year). I have some great video of that last year with some of my buddies, and Gene. There is this old guy, named Gene, that goes to EVERY downtown festival, concert, whatever. Last year he always wore this bright purple shirt. He's got this crazy white hair and only a couple of teeth. But that man can dance! He has absolutely no inhibitions. He doesn't get embarrased and he just loves to be the center of attention. I aspire to be him someday. As a woman. With more teeth. We have honored him with a couple of beers over the years to quench his thirst, and have given him the official name of: Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. He's awesome.

So I went to the concert last night for a bit with my gorgeous sisters Rachel and Emily and Emily's best friend (also named Emily). There was a guy playing that I've never heard of but that sister Emily loves. He's actually really really good! Josh Ritter, if any of you know of him. Apparently, this little guy from Idaho is HUGE in Ireland. I attributed it to his curly hair. My buddy Dave showed up with his amazing moustache. Anyways, so there we are just tapping our feet and clapping and screaming appropriately when Dave taps me on the shoulder. Sure enough- Gene Gene the Dancing Machine is there rocking it out and dancing with strangers. Seriously, he is my hero.

We were standing somewhat close to the stage. Just right of the stage, by the stairs, for anyone familiar with the Gallivan center. I'm really feeling the music and loving the sun and since people-watching is a hobby of mine, I'm watching people watch people. Apparently, there are a lot of us "people-watchers" out there. Right in front of us were some people who sat down. Maybe they were overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of live music? Perhaps they just wanted to concentrate on the words of the songs without being distracted by fans? Nope. This is what I saw:

I thought it was very interesting. Texting people on cells phones is SO much more exciting than listening to live music, right? Apparently so. And then I laughed quietly to myself in the irony that I took out my cell phone to take a picture of other people playing on THEIR cell phones during the concert. Hi, I'm the pot. And these people are black. (I sure hope you all get that joke as it has nothing to do with race........)

There was this crazy lady there. Just standing by the stage drawing on a sketch pad and dancing to the music. Which is fine. A bit eccentric and artistic thrown together. But it turns out that she was sketching the band and when she was done, pretty much tried to rush the stage to give her sketches to them. She ran up there holding her sketch pad over her head and kept screaming "Josh!!!" over and over again. It was quite humorous, to be honest. You go, girl.

And for tonight, you ask? I will be found at Rotary Glen park (just East of the zoo) for a free movie in the park under the stars. Ah, summer.

Much Love!