Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Care to spare a dime? I am homeless. Here's the deal-

I called my landlady yesterday to see what the situation was, whether I could go home after work yesterday. She called me back and said that the water was spreading and that I needed to come home and move all my stuff. Basically, the water had spread so much that my front room was soaked, my kitchen (obviously, since that's where it started), and the hallway. I took some pictures but can't get them on here since my home computer where I need to burn the pics on a CD is now in hiding. Two boys that are friends of my landlady's kid were over there helping. Let me tell you, it's a disgusting filthy mess. Mud and smashed dogfood everywhere. We had to move everything in my front room and kitchen. All my belongings are either in my bedroom (which was fortunately saved from disaster), the back storage room, or the backyard. Yep, there's my baker's rack sitting in the back yard. We got everything moved and that is good. It's funny to me because people keep asking about how my stuff is. The reality is that my "stuff" is mostly just crap. I'm not worried about my $5 coffee table that was already broken, for example. I don't have "nice things" so that is the least of my worries. I got the stuff that I actually care about taken care of. Like some of my photo albums that were on the ground under a bookshelf. I got those dried and the pictures are okay. My kitchen table is the one thing other than the photo albums that I was most worried about. It's wood. AND I grew up with that table. But fortunately, the legs have a little bit of pegging to put it higher up, so there's not really any damage to that. They came in yesterday and sucked out all the water and pulled the carpet pads and set up humidifiers. Today they are pulling up the rest of the carpet, the lenolium in my kitchen, cutting into the drywall to see if there's any water damage to the walls, and setting up fans. Basically, my apartment is a disaster area, I've had to ask Billy to watch Sunni, and I'm kinda staying with Michael until things are taken care of. The worst part about the whole thing is just not knowing if I'll have a place to go home to. If the water damage is bad, then they'll have to re-do the basement. Which means I REALLY wouldn't have a home for a while. I packed a bunch of pants and shirts into a suitcase and will be living out of that for a while. This whole thing is crazy!

But here's my optimistic mind for you: I've been needing to go through all my stuff and get rid of junk for quite a while. Now- it's all ready for me to go through! AND, since I've been wanting to move for a while, I'll just have to pack up the stuff I want to keep and just leave out the essentials. So when moving time comes, it's just furniture and a few things here and there. Everything else will already be boxed and packed. Excellent, right?

So as akward as this whole situtation is, it's probably good for me. And I'm fortunate enough to have wonderful friends, a wonderful family, and Michael. (Not sure if he's considered a "friend" or a "boyfriend" since we are just letting things happen as they happen.) I am truly lucky to not be completely alone in this and to have a roof over my head and the things that I care about safe and not ruined. Basically, I'm having an adventure and it's going to be quite the ride.

Much Love!

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Katie M. said...

Jessica!! Oh my gosh!! I'm sorry this has happened to you... I hope you can find a roomate. If I had another room, I would totally have you stay with us.

Love you.