Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 23rd, 2007

No, I didn't get the date wrong. I'm writing about the events of October 23rd, 2007. This is how my day went a year ago tomorrow:

I got dressed up all pretty. Nice slacks, a nice button-up shirt, nice shoes. I didn't wear a hat, which is unual for me around this time of year. I proceeded to come in to work and put in a couple of hours. Then I left for a long lunch. I went down the street a ways and walked into a building. In that building, I heard the following (not in the same wording AT ALL):

"Your sentencing is as follows:

20 mandatory outpatient substance abuse classes

104 self-help AA meetings

Random drug and alcohol testing

16-hour Prime For Life DUI class

1-hour Freeway Watch meeting

48 hours of community service in liu of 2 days in jail

$1400 file

Interlock device installed in vehicle

Monthly supervised probation

Alcohol restricted license for the next 2 years

We will see you back here in 90 days to review your case."

Yep, that was October 23rd, 2007. Not a good day for me. But October 23rd, 2008 will be much better!

I have done my time and satisfied all my probationary requirements. And though I was previously released from my more intrusive "supervised probation", starting tomorrow I can get rid of the word "probation" in any sense of the word from my vocabulary. No probationary status. No worries of probation violation. Not under probation, or on probation. No probationary period.

Probation? What's that?

Much Love!


Emily Maher said...


I love you.

Katie M. said...

YAY!! I'm so happy for you, what a process it has been. Sheesh.

Jennif said...

hey big congrats! it sounds like you have put it behind you and are moving forward and that's commendable. congrats again!

Just Me said...

Thank you, ladies! Hard to believe that a year ago I was just starting all the billion things I had to do. But I did them all and am now free! Wahoo!

Goofy McWanker said...

I have to say thank you for opening MY eyes. I never considered that a reality until you went through it and that was enough reason to learn my damn lesson. I'm glad you've made it to the other side. Go you!