Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Nightmare

I just barely remembered my nightmare I had last night. It's pretty sick.

I was following a Jeep in my car and we were trying to get through a mountain pass to get home. Someone had warned us about the bad roads on this particular mountain pass. The Jeep in front of me drove into a cave-type place but the road looked like it kept going. All of the sudden, it switched (as dreams tend to do) and me and Sunni (my dog) were walking towards this big gate. There was a legend about how there's a monster that lives behind the gate. In looking at the gate I saw this huge stone monster guy walking towards us. Sunni and I tried to hide behind a wall but the huge stone monster guy turned his head with his gleaming red eyes and stared at us. The next thing I know, the monster guy (who is human now) had Sunni and I couldn't get to her because there was a wall of...... like soccer goal post netting stuff that was blocking me. So I pulled out a lighter and started trying to burn a hole in the netting so I could get to Sunni. He laughed at me and put Sunni up to his mouth and took a bite out of her neck. Then it switched again and I was in a room with my family and some other random people I don't know and the bad guy. He was running around with knives and razors and was cutting everyone up. I was screaming and trying to get away and another person in the room (I don't know who it was) started fighting back but the bad guy stabbed him. There were bodies all over the floor and it was pretty much a blood-bath. The bad guy (who kept changing from a man to a woman back and forth) trapped me against the stairs and with his knives, almost cut my leg off at the knee. He then grabbed a fork and stabbed someone that was dead on the ground and was twisting the fork around in their skin.

And then I woke up. Pretty sick and disturbing, huh? Think maybe I'm a little stressed?

Much Love!


Goofy McWanker said...

Crimeney! I hate when pets are involved, especially Sunni - cruel as hell. I have a tendency to subconsciously block out the disturbing/tragic dreams as soon as I regain consciousness...I'm too wimpy to handle 'em, I guess.

Katie M. said...


That sounds like something I would dream about! You are not alone, my friend. It makes you wonder how your mind would think of such awful things while you are asleep? I swear there is a little demon bug in our brains that laughs to himself in an evil way when we fall asleep thinking to himself "I can't wait til she sees THIS dream!" Seriously.