Friday, August 1, 2008

The Saga Continues

So here are some email correspondence between the evil landlady and myself (and just random ones that she has sent me):

Hi Jessica,
I hope you are doing ok. I moved the stuff from the yard to the covered area. I still have laryngitis so I can't talk well. The flood men came back and ripped out the carpet and kitchen floor. They cut 8 inches from base of floor. The Insurance adjuster came out this morning.

I'm sorry to hear about your laryngitis- NOT fun.
I have been staying with my boyfriend so at least I have a place to stay.
What did the insurance adjuster say?
Any idea when the place is going to be livable?
And this situation brings up a question- What about rent? Are you going to be pro-rating my rent for the days that I can't stay there as the apartment is not livable at this time? What is the precedent for that?
Let me know about the insurance, when the apartment is livable, and the rent situation.
Thank you.


The Insurance man said he needs to do some more paper work. He is going to send an investigator out to determine how this happend. He also said there were questions about the category three status. As far as rent and what to do I will need to call the Landlord Association to find out what I need to do and how this will be handled. They still need to do some special treatments to the walls, refinish and paint the walls, the carpet man will need to measure and install. The kitchen man will need to do the same. This is such an unfortunate event to have take place. I've heard from other homeowners there is a lot of paperwork, appointments and work to do to get things in order. The fans they have going downstairs makes things very, very warm and noisy. I will try to find out how many days it will be.

Okay. Let me know what you find out about rent, how long, etc. If you still can't talk, email is fine for getting in touch with me. I will need to stop by and grab a few things between now and Friday. Should just be a quick in and out.


Hi Jessica,
I will be happy to pro-rate the rent for you. The flood company is coming in this afternoon to do another treatment process. When it is all completed it will be like new! It will have new paint, new carpets, new kitchen floor and and the whole place will smell like new! It would be ashamed (not to mention a serious health code violation) to ruin the new carpet by allowing a dog to soil the carpet. Will you be able to find a new home for the dog? I hope everything is going ok for you as I know it is a huge inconvenience to have to deal with a flood. If you need me to help you with anything please let me know.

Hi Jessica,
I noticed that you have a TON of books laying around. The battered womens shelters in Salt Lake City are in desparate need of books. Many women arrive at the shelters with only the clothes on their backs. Women tend to get very bored at the shelter so books would give them something to do and take their minds off their problems.

Hi Jessica,
Please let me know what your friend's address is so I can forward your mail to you. Have a great day.

August 1, 2008
The worker from the Flood Company came to my house this morning. He said it would be about two weeks or so before the apartment is completed. Also, one more quick thing: There will be a three-step rental increase as follows:
Effective Sept 1, 2008 rent will increase to $575 per month
Effective Oct 1, 2008 rent will increase to $635 per month
Effective Nov 1, 2008 rent will increase to $695 per month
For any further assistance please call me at xxx-xxxx.
cc: file

So there you have it. I'm out of my place for at least another two weeks, I can't have my dog anymore, and she's raising my rent. So guess what? I'm officially on an immediate roommate quest. Is anyone other than me getting the idea that she's forcing me out? And $695 a month rent? Are you kidding me? It's not even worth what I'm paying now. Granted, it's a decent sized place. But I can hear every single movement that they make upstairs. I have a super hard time sleeping normally and the stomping and screaming from above pushes me over the edge. And that's all besides the fact that she's just a crazy person who slips mean little letters in my mail, like about how my friend DARED to pick me up one time with his trailer (we were going camping) and he blocked the driveway for 5 whole minutes...... So at least now that I'm being forced out in a way, it's forcing me to actually take action. Which is good, in a wierd way. I'm not the best with change, so I'll need to keep a good attitude about the whole thing. And I may need some help. Words of encouragement, anyone? :)

I need to get working so that I can leave and pack up and go camping for the weekend! Wahoo!

Much Love!

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LT said...

My favorite part was where she was suggesting you give your books away to the women's shelter. After telling her to butt out, I would have thrown in a 'besides - everybody knows homeless people can't read and these books don't have pictures' Wait, though. You're homeless. Scratch that last comment ;)