Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Bed

You know the little game of adding the words "in bed" to the end of your fortune cookie prediction? Well here is one I got the other day in my fortune cookie from Pan Wok Express:

......in bed.

Wahoo! My dreams of becoming a successful prostitute may actually become a reality! Michael and I were watching "America's Got Talent" a bit ago. I am actually not a big fan of the show, except when people are horrible and get verbally slaughtered on national TV. That part is fun. Anyways, we were watching and a woman got through to Vegas. Are you curious what her "talent" is? Pole dancing, baby. So if she can survive a reality TV show through pole dancing, who knows how far I can go with my prostitution!......

And then Katie and I went to Pei Wei for dinner last night and my fortune was related- said something about me being generous (in bed). Maybe I will be so successful as a prostitute because of my generous nature in bed. Hey- the fortune said so! And fortune cookes never lie! Those Chinese restaurants really know what they are talking about.

Much Love!


LT said...

Any post that includes pole dancing, prostitution, and my wife is awesome. This meets those criteria. Now if only you mentioned Jessica Alba ;)

Cameron's Corner said...

LT beat me to it. Any post that includes pole dancing, prostitution, and his wife is AWESOME!

Katie M. said...

Maybe I should learn to pole dance and prostitute myself? Well, maybe just pole dance because if I prostituted myself then I would break my wedding vows. And who wants to do that?