Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's Make A Deal

Which door do you choose? Do you want what's behind Door number 1? Door number 2? Door number 3? Or do you want what's in this box I'm holding?

I feel like I'm on an episode of that lovely gameshow. With the housing situation and with a bunch of other things thrown into the mix, I'm absolutely confused. All of my options will have mysterious results. And I won't know what they are until I actually make my choice. And if I pick Door number 1, it could just end up being the figurative giant rocking horse. (Though the giant rocking horse is actually pretty cool.) I've never been a big fan of gambling. I can never seem to call anyone's bluff. I can never get away with bluffing, myself. As simple-minded as this may make me sound, I prefer to have less choices so that I can prevent throwing endless blame on myself for picking the wrong one.

But what to do when faced with some pretty drastic probable solutions? Has anyone actually ever truly benefited from a Pros VS Cons list? I tried it once. But I did it wrong. One list was "Staying in Kansas". The other list was "Moving back to Utah". My Pros always ended up as Cons on the Con list, which defeats the purpose. If a Pro was "family", a Con was "no family". My brain doesn't function under an all-inclusive list. Though I suppose a Pros VS Cons list should only be ONE list, like "Staying in Kansas" and avoiding the counter-productive "Moving back to Utah" list as it is just the exact opposite of the other.

Has anyone actually benefited from flipping a coin? The game of Heads or Tails? Is it, in all actuality, even the slightest bit beneficial to make a decision based on air flow and flip
ping speed? Sure, if it's the small things. But life-changes are not something I feel comfortable flipping a coin over. Especially when it would need to be a 3 or 4-headed coin as I have 3 or 4 valid options.

Has anyone actually benefited from Eeny Meeny Miny Moe? That takes us back to the whole idea of basing a big decision over a child's game. Not good enough for me, personally.

So what to do? I can see some very good things and very bad things about each and every situation. Yes, I'm keeping these "options" close to the belt. (Is that the saying? It sounds a little off......) I'm not fully ready to list them all out quite yet. But when I can, you'll understand my dilemma.
I have been in need of a big change for a year or more. I have called Billy every now and then, crying about how I'm "stuck" and "need something to change". And here's my opportunity. As Troy said in a comment on another of my blogs, "Be careful what you wish for". And how right he is. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. There's a large part of me that is rejoicing the way that things have played out. A large part that is excited for possibilities and chances and adventures. But there's still that itty bitty voice in my head saying "No! Bad things may happen! We want stability and comfort and boringness!" I silence it temporarily, but it always returns.......

Much Love!

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Katie M. said...

Have you seen "The Dark Knight?" One of the characters makes huge life altering decisions based on the flip of a coin. Such as: should I kill this guy, or this guy? Or does this guy stay a live or die? Should I marry this chick, or break up with her? It seemed to have worked for him :)