Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I once wrote about hating pressure. And the pressure-monster hit me again today.

I drove down to the closest KFC for my Mashed Potato Bowl. The order-taker-dude was very friendly, which is unusual. Mostly they just take your order and push you through. Maybe it was because there were no cars in front of me or behind me and he was bored, or maybe he really likes his job. Either way, he was joking around and the sort. And then after he takes my Mashed Potato Bowl order, he says that he has one last question. "Okay", I say. "What's that?" He says "We are trying to raise money for juveniles with diabetes. Would you like to donate $1 to help the cause?". "Not today", I say.

And now I feel guilty about the poor little juveniles with diabetes that I was too selfish to help. If any of them die, it's all on my head for not donating my $1 to help them. Hopefully they are able to stay out of the land of candy.......

Much Love!

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