Friday, August 8, 2008


Since I'm so completely un-original, I'm going to copy Cameron and post a survey thing sent by our friend Katie. I apologize ahead of time and the disclaimer is that I'm pretty boring and so will be this entire post......

Lets test your memory

1. what color shirt were you wearing when your last kiss?
*Last kiss on the cheek- Red and Pink striped shirt. This morning when I kissed Michael goodbye.

*Last REAL kiss- um... I don't pay enough attention to clothing to remember what I ever wear.

2. Do you remember your kindergarten teachers name?
*Nope. But my daddy used to come and assist the teacher, which I thought was cool. Nobody else's dad did that!

3. Do you remember your first kiss?
*Yep. It was akward. With Shane. Had a lot of firsts with Shane but I'll keep the details to myself.

4. Would you rather go to a party or go out of town?
*Depends on my mood, the weather, where the party is, who I would be going out of town with, etc.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
*A bologna and cheese sandwich last night. (I was craving bologna for some reason, even though it's pretty nasty.) Though Cindy is on lunch right now and bringing me back something tasty.

6. If you could get back in touch with anyone who would it be?
*I'm actually in touch with the people I want to be in touch with. Except for Matt. I'd like to be in touch with Matt.

7. When was the last time you talked to the last person you kissed?
*Well, this morning when I left I heard a muffled "Have a good day" while Michael's sleeping head was smashed into the pillow. But we did talk a little bit when he got home from work at 5 or so this morning. I woke up when he climbed in bed and started talking about Bozeman, MT......

8. Whats on your bedroom floor?
*On MY bedroom floor in my uninhabitable apartment is a ton of stuff, since everything from my front room and kitchen are crammed in my bedroom and back room.

9. What did you wake up to this morning?
*My cell phone alarm. It's the most annoying noise, so you NEED to get up just to shut the damn thing off.

10. What are you doing today?
*Working, then I have a hot date with Michael. I think we are going to see "Pineapple Express".

11. Describe your current shirt:
*Red and pink striped zip-up light hoodie thing (it's freezing inside my office building) over a pink V-neck shirt. Girly colors today, apparently.

12. Which movie did you last see in theaters?
*Um...... I don't remember. I think "Get Smart".

13. Who was it with?


14. Who were the last people you ate with?
*Let's see. I ate dinner with my family last Sunday.

15. When was the last time you felt guilty about something?
When I didn't donate a dollar to juveniles with diabetes

16. What color is your luggage?

17. When were you last on a boat?
*I stood on Michael's boat for a while a couple months ago. It was sitting in his driveway. See here.

18. When you have kids would you want a boy or a girl first?
*Hey, take it easy! Kids or no kids, that is the question.

19. Where are you right now?

*Sitting in my half-cubicle with a blanket on since it's freezing in here.

20. Do you drink your soda from a straw?
*Yes. It's actually better for your teeth. When you drink out of a cup, the sugar in the soda hits your teeth but when using a straw, it moves the drink further back in your mouth. Seriously. Just ask a dentist.

21. What was the last thing someone bought you?

*Michael bought me flowers for my birthday. And I think Billy bought me pizza or something. I like to pay for things on my own, so someone buying me something doesn't happen all that often.

22. Where will you be two months from now?
*In Utah. Hahaha!

23. Who did you last hang out with?
*Michael before he went to work on Wednesday. I like to spend a lot of time alone. I laugh at all my own jokes.

24. What did you do last weekend?
*Went camping!

25. Are you still besties with the same people you were besties with a year
*Not really with one of them. Long story.

26. What was the last hotel you stayed in?
*Considering I don't ever go anywhere, I'd have to say last September when I went to Vegas for a friend's wedding.

27. When did you last go to the beach?
*I was sort-of at a beach last weekend. Chad and I went hiking up to this lake and I laid on a rock by the water in my swimming suit. Does that count?

28. will you kiss the last person you kissed again?
*Most definately. I kinda like the guy. :)

29. Are you crushing on someone?

30. If you could go back in time and change things, would you?
*I actually discussed that

31. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
*Second chances, yes. More than that, no.

32. Ever liked someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?
*I can't think of anyone, actually

33. Is anything bothering you right now?
*I'm at work. That's annoying.

Much Love!

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