Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Goodbye Forever

Calendar: 5/1- Nothing 5/2- Dena's, then Ben's houses 5/3- Hailey and Reid's House 5/4- Hailey and Reid's House 5/5- Took Sunni to park

So I finally got my closure. A bit pathetic that I had to literally FORCE it, but I got it just the same. And have learned some things about myself, or was reminded about myself things that I already knew. Here are some of those things:

*Being rejected as a friend is much more painful than being rejected as a lover
*If you can't be your true self around someone, it's NOT going to work
*Love can be a major farce
*Friends are the absolute greatest
*I miss the random kisses and hand-holding most out of everything so apparently, that's my favorite part of a relationship
*There's a bit of comfort for me when I'm alone. I'm used to it, so it's actually a lot easier for me to NOT be in a relationship
*I am not trapped
*I can make positive things happen for myself if I believe that positive things will happen
*Any relationship will only work if both parties can go by the Golden Rule
*I am stronger today than I was yesterday, and will be even stronger tomorrow
*Crying and feeling sad is okay, there are no expectations on emotion

There are many more but I'm actually REALLY needing to get some work done as I've been in meetings all day.

I apologize for the boring blog today but really have to jet.

Much love!

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