Friday, May 16, 2008

Did You Eat My Highlighter?

My beautiful yellow work highlighter is missing. It's not an issue because I just have to take a few steps from my desk and meander over to the storage room and grab a new one. Which is always an adventure in itself because I always spend a few minutes perusing around to see if I can find a new discovery. Now don't mock, people. There are some amazing finds I have made while in the depths of the storage room. For example, I once found a wonderous new staple remover which looks more like a pen and works beautifully! And I once found a new white-out contraption that isn't liquid in the bottle- you just hold the thing down on the paper, push, and drag. Amazing! As we are a "paperless environment" at work, I have yet to use it. Though I HAVE used it unofficially- whiting out a paper I'm about to throw away just because I want the white-out contraption to feel special and important. Nevertheless...... My highlighter is missing and the first thought that came into my head was "Did you eat my highlighter?" There is an explanation for this thought that will set your mind at ease and possibly convince you of my sanity. Or insanity. Anyways, when I'm at home with Sunni, I talk to her a lot. Out loud. I pretend that she knows what I'm saying and is completely fascinated by the discussions that I have with her. Everyday that I get home from work, we have our "cuddle time". I go straight to the couch and she'll climb all over me before squashing her little head into the pillows. And I'll ask her "Were you a good girl today? Yes, you are such my good girl! I love you, too, baby. Yes, that's my girl." And various things of that nature. She loves it. Sometimes I'll even talk to her right when I walk in the door- and say "Who is that? Is that my baby girl? It couldn't possibly be my baby girl, could it? Yes it is!". And then proceed to the couch for "cuddle time". One thing that I always find myself saying (and I have NO idea where it came from) is "Did you eat my -insert missing object here- ?". If I can't find my cell phone, I ask Sunni if she ate it. If I can't find a pair of socks, I ask Sunni if she ate them. If I can't find my coat, I ask Sunni if she ate it. My car keys, my towel, etc. Now Sunni doesn't eat things. She ate a flip-flop of mine once when she was a puppy, and I can't leave dirty underwear within her reach, but she's never eaten anything else other than food. So why I ask her if she ate things is beyond me. And even MORE wierd is that if she WERE to be the type of dog that chewed things, would she really EAT my car keys? I mean, seriously!
So there you have it- Sunni must have eaten my highlighter at my work even though I never bring it home and she never comes here.......

(Yes, I figured out how to add URLs to my blog and have a feeling I will become addicted to it and every other word will be a link. Not really.)

So I'm going to a BBQ tonight. Wahoo! After getting off work I need to stop at the store and get some chicken and potato salad. I LOVE it when the weather is nice and being outside without freezing is possible. I'm such an outdoorsy chica that summer is my absolute favorite season. And though it's not officially summer, I'll gladly take the 90 degree weather that is in the forecast. My goal this weekend is to be outside as much as possible. This is going on this weekend and I'd like to hit it up. And Sunday is Adventure Day with Dave so we will find something exciting to do outside. Though I'm a lazy person in general, I do hate being cooped up in a house. So after a long cold winter, I purposely find anything outside that's possible to do. The sun is my bestest buddy.

I know that I usually wax poetic and bring up deep thoughts a lot, but I'm just in a good, hyper mood today which means that no deep-thinking is happening inside this brain of mine. And I also think that I over-use the comma and the dash. I tried counting how many times I've used them in just this blog but lost track. I take full responsibility for any spelling or grammatical errors. I don't even use spell-check. I sent an email yesterday inviting people to the BBQ at Hailey's house since she was out yesterday and wanted to invite people before today. I told everyone to "bring your own mean". And that in itself is funny because even if I DID use spell-check, "mean" is a word and wouldn't have flagged me. So there's going to be a bunch of people tonight bringing their own mean. You go with your bad self!

Oh my goodness oh my goodness- I still have TWO hours left here! Speaking of which, I really need to bring my video camera around with me everywhere this summer. I got some great videos last year of things- like Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, the naked baby, my boys (Dave, Billy, and Spencer) at the Rock 'N Ribs thing, my boys (Dave and Billy) at the cabin being silly, etc. It's fun to go back and look at things we did in the past. It's like a documentary of certain events in my life. So I better get charging the camera up again so that I can capture more silly moments of my life on tape. And as for the train of thought leading from the first line in this paragraph to the second line in this paragraph: "Oh my goodness oh my goodness!" is from the movie Annie. I have a video of Billy passionately singing an Annie song. Video equals video camera. See? There's a method to my madness.

Okay, I'm now down to the last 15 minutes. I have actually worked my little ass off today and feel like it's a job well done. And I deserve to relax and eat some BBQ with friends by the fire pit. Ah..... perfect. I better get some loose ends taken care of before I leave, so farewell. Until we meet again.....

Much love!

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