Monday, May 12, 2008

I Like Government Stimulation

I decided to stop with the whole "calendar" thing as it's been too long between posts to actually remember what I did every day for the past however long. I'll just write about anything interesting.

Anyways, I have news for everyone. You know all about the pain and frustration of paper cuts, am I correct? Horrible little menacing cuts that always find themselves in very uncomfortable places, like where your finger bends, or the skin between your fingers, or right on the tip of a finger which hurts everytime you use that finger to type. Well..... there is also such a thing as a tin-foil cut. I know, I know. That's just silly, right? Ladies and gentlemen, it's true. While eating my delicious gyro from Apollo Burger that my coworker Cindy picked up for me, it happened. Right in the middle of my upper lip. Ouch! Now everytime I smile I can feel it break a little bit. I got my revenge, though, by scrunching up the tinfoil into a little ball and then ripping it into pieces. As the saying goes, "A woman scorned......". Hahaha!

The other day I did something a little unusual for me...... I actually bought myself something! I'll give you a moment to get over your collective shock.......................... Okay. I've never been the most technological person and barely understand the concept of the mysterious devil called "email". Well, maybe not THAT bad. But anyways, I'm always the last person to get a cell phone or the internet at home or..... an MP3 player. On a whim, (and after realizing that I received my $600 economy stimulus where I would feel so very unpatriotic if I didn't do SOMETHING for the economy other than pay bills) I did some research and found my very own MP3 player!! Wahoo! Ran to the store, found it with the help of the salesguy and then bought it without hesitation. Receiving 10% off for flirting shamelessly with the salesguy, naturally. Check out my new baby. The pic is it standing up next to a mere 12-oz can of Pepsi. I already know that you are impressed, so no words of pride and wonderment are needed. I'm loving it when I take Sunni on walks. Instead of listening to "pant pant pant pant" from a chubby dog, I hear some of my favorite songs. It's glorious, I tell you.
So Mother's Day was yesterday. I had a really good time. Went over to my parent's house and took my older sister out to lunch. Then the whole family went to the cemetary to my grandma's grave since as she died last September. The rest of the family left and I wandered over to try to find my OTHER grandma's grave (in the same cemetary) and called my Kansas mom. It's a tradition that I started a while back and it's actually really cool. I get to talk to my mom while sitting at HER mom's grave. Unfortunately, I wandered all over the cemetary and couldn't find it. But still, it's the thought that counts, right? Then I called my brother to wish him Happy Birthday since incidentally, his birthday landed on Mother's Day this year. We had a GREAT conversation. I love that guy. One thing that we discussed is our views on life and relationships. And I realized that though Michael hurt me, I don't regret one second of our relationship. Just as it is with ANY past relationship that I've had. People come into your life for a reason and they stay in your life for as long as they were meant to. Just because things don't work out doesn't mean that it wasn't important or that it's a bad experience. After finally getting through the grieving process on the death of my relationship with Michael, I do feel grateful that it was there for the 7 months that it was. I learned a lot, I loved a lot and I am glad for every second of it. The same goes for other past relationships and friendships that disolved. I'm a lucky girl for even getting the chance to have those relationships. I honestly and truly believe that. Dear God- am I getting some of my optimism back? :)
Last week one day, I got home from work and had a package on my doorstep. Turns out that it was from the sweetheart Billy. He sent me a card (just saying "Hi!") with a CD that he thought I'd like. How in the world did I get such amazing friends? How many people have a friend like Billy who would randomly send me something just to say "Hi!" and that he was thinking about me? How many people have a friend like Dave who will answer the phone and talk to me even when he is asleep and exhausted? How many people have a friend like Hailey who practically adopts me for an entire weekend just because she wants to spend that much time with me? How many people have a friend like Scott who will walk my dog with me even though we had originally planned on being lazy at the coffee shop, just because he was asked? How many people have a friend like Jarad who will drive all the way to SLC from Provo just to take me to dinner and turn around and drive back? How many people have a friend like Joe who will let me shamelessly cry on their shoulder and then never mention it again, knowing that it embarassed me? I could go on and on and on, and this isn't even going into all the wonderful things that my family does for me. I'm sorry to go off, it's just that I have been thinking a lot lately about being "alone" and have finally come to the conclusion that I'm never "alone". There are so many wonderful people in my life that love me and care about me. It really makes me take a look at myself in those dark nights when I feel depression creeping up. Good and loving and special people don't waste their true friendships on people that aren't also good and loving and special. So since I'm surrounded by good and loving and special people, I have to accept that I, myself, may also be a good and loving and special person. And the thought of that makes me smile and give myself a bit more credit and allow me to feel a bit more complete within myself. That is priceless.
Wow, that was a bit serious there, huh? I've just been doing a LOT of thinking and have realized so much about myself in the past month that... BEWARE! Further self-analyzations and optimistic melodrama and ponderous observations will be sure to pop up every here and there.
Okee dokee, my loves. I'm going to finish up my workday, go home to grab Sunni, do two laps around the park, clean my house, watch a movie, and go to bed. Unless something else pops up like they tend to do.
Much love!
PS. I have spent WAY too much time trying to get this thing to show up in paragraphs instead of one giant run-on paragraph but Blogspot is not wanting me to appear the slightest bit educated. So that's the explanation for the lack of separate paragraphs and for the funky new typing- so you can separate the paragraphs. Sorry!

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