Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekend Pictures

So here we are, Ladies and Gentleman. I got my pictures of Bear Lake onto a disc and now have them. I am the type of person that would rather LIVE than sit around taking pictures of living, so I never really have a lot. I'll just post any of them that I find interesting or worthwhile to throw on here. Due to my technological stupidity, I can't figure out how to have them enlarge when clicked so deal with the smaller ones:

The family on the beach:

My adorable neice Mikayla:

Little Romney with crazy hair:

James and Emily napping:

Mikayla with a scrunched face:

Mikayla again with a scrunched face:

The sunset from our deck:

More of the sunset:

The only good rattlesnake is a dead one:

Is this a gopher? Praire dog? ??

Sunni relaxing:

Sunni swam for the first time ever!!!:

Getting out of the water:

Rachel, James, Emily, Aleasa, and me laying across them:

My dad and Mikayla:

Carlos and Diego in Hoodies:

My family pic 1:

My family pic 2:

Just me and Michael when I got back:

And that's all for today.

Much love!

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thegalpinclan said...

O Jess you guys are all so cute! I love your fam! I love your blog! I love you! :)