Friday, April 25, 2008

Not-So Expert Bowler

Calendar- 4/24- Dinner with Katie

Okay, so I lied. I'm apparently NOT an exceptional Wii bowler. But my word, it sure is fun to play! There were teams of 4 and everyone got to bowl for 5 frames. Here are the posted results:

Dennis, Chad, Jacque & Aimee = 270
Dan, Janette, Linda & Carol = 300
Sue, Dani, Chris & Patty = 258
Heidi, Hanni, Katrina & Julie = 255
Jana, Jason, Anne & Suzanne = 197
Dennis, Tracy, Connie & Amy = 287
Dan, Carolyn, Cindy & Hailey = 241
Dani, Dena, Sue & Kriss = 297
Sue, Cindy, Wendy & Jessica = 192
Lynne, Gayle, Kathy & Suzanne = 228

Yep, my team was so completely awesome that we got the LOWEST score out of everyone! So my email response to the office was this:

"Wahoo! Isn't there a prize for being the best at getting the lowest score? It takes a LOT of work to come in last....... :)"

But alas, there is no compensation for being the best at being the worst. I told my boss that I was going to take the rest of the day off and I'd be in the lunchroom practicing. She said no. (Yes, she knows that I was joking.)

The problem with days like today are that they go by SO extremely s-l-o-w-l-y. Looking at the clock which keeps tick-tocking by, I realize that though I've been here forever I'm actually only halfway done with my day. Bah Humbug!

A fact about me: I always have a song in my head. Sometimes it's a song that I've heard recently, which makes sense. The crazy thing is that I have certain "back-up" songs in case there's not a song in my head already. So if I haven't heard anything recently, I hum. Which songs do I hum, you ask? Well, I will happily enlighten you:

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
"The First Noel"
"Jingle Bells"
"Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman
"Last Kiss" by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers, then redone by Pearl Jam
"Happy Birthday"
Various LDS primary songs
"I Need Love" by Sam Phillips
and a few others that I can't think of right now

It's a bit odd to walk around humming Christmas songs in April and it's worse when it strikes in the middle of summer...... I get some interesting looks.

If you are reading these, you are maybe wondering if I just sit and write blogs all day at work since I don't have home internet anymore so HAVE to post these at work. The thing is that I'll pull it up and start it and then work for an hour or two and write a few more lines and then work for an hour or two. So basically, it's an all day process, but ONLY because I'm actually working. Typing doesn't take a whole lot of time, as I'm sure you are aware. Just wanted everyone to know that I'm not just fooling around all day. I take pride in my work, damnit! :)

So after all this blathering on and on, here's my deep and ponderous question for the day. If you had the ability to go back and change something in your life, would you? And what would that be? I can honestly say yes. There is one thing that I would go back and change if I had the ability. And it doesn't have to do with relationships, situations, etc. The one thing that I would change if I could go back (and this is honest) is that I would have never started smoking. Now that may sound silly to you all because I still smoke. The thing is that I truly enjoy smoking. I know that it's horrible and unhealthy and deadly and all of that. Logically, I know that. But the truth of the matter is that I haven't quit and don't know when I will. So though I haven't quit, I'd change the fact that I ever started. And that's the only thing that I would change. Yes, I've done some things that I'm ashamed of. Yes, I've hurt people that I'd like to not have hurt. But to me, everything builds character and everything serves a purpose. Though I may regret some things that I've said and done, those things needed to be said and done for something to change. Not that I approve of going around and being a mean person or anything, because I actually do consider myself a nice person. But feeling sorry that you hurt someone else actually improves your ability to "hold your tongue" the next time. Feeling ashamed that you did something improves your ability to not repeat that same behavior. I do wish that I was better at learning from my experiences, but at least I do acknowledge and take responsibility for my actions. And I will always try to take something from every experience that I have and use it to make myself a better person. There's never any excuse to stop trying and never any excuse to give up and never any excuse to quit while you're ahead just because you're ahead and never any excuse to just stop. That's what I say and I'm sticking to it!

Dilema. When with Michael, I respectfully deleted some phone numbers from my phone that he preferred me not to have. No, he didn't FORCE me or anything. He was uncomfortable with some things and since I love (still not past tense) him and didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, I deleted them of my own accord so that he would have a bit more peace. Anyways, now I'm REALLY needing Dan's phone number. He emailed and said he'd be in Salt Lake (he lives in Ogden) and would want to come over around 9. Problem is, I don't want to just hang out at my house tonight. And then come to find out, my friends are having a get-together for their 1-year anniversary. I'd really like to go to that. But dangit, I can't get ahold of Dan! I tried emailing, but that obviously only works if the person checks their email. So I'm stuck in limbo on what I'm going to end up doing tonight..... Heck, I'll figure something out. That's what I have a brain for! :)

Okay, I'm done for the day. Will start up again on Monday when I have internet access once again.

Much love!

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