Monday, September 15, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

I had my very own celebrity sighting last night. Dave and Billy and I went to the state fair yesterday. Wandered around, looked at the animals, did the typical fair stuff. But the main reason we went yesterday was for the demolition derby. I am in love with the demolition derby. There's something about crashing cars, cars on fire, cars smoking, and cars revving their engines that just gets me. I adore it. So we find some seats in the general admission area to enjoy the show. I look behind me and see celebrities! Seriously! Now keep in mind that celebrities to me aren't the Tom Cruises or Gwyneth Paltrows of the world. My celebrities are my personal heroes. People that I respect, people that I look up to, people that I admire. Are you curious to know which celebrities I encountered? The Bird family!

Yes, that doesn't mean anything to you. So let me explain. One of the links to my favorite bloggers is Rhett. Rhett Bird. Written by his mom Pam. I don't remember how I found the blog, but I have been a faithful reader for many many months now. I have gone through things with this family, I have experienced what they have experienced, I have shared in their good times and their pain. Just by reading the words that Pam so kindly shares. I have never met them or known them in any other way. But I really have grown to love these people.

So yes, my heroes the Bird family were at the demolition derby last night. Obviously, I just HAD to say hi and introduce myself. I went to them and said "I know you". To the slightly confused expression on Pam's face (trying to figure out if she should know me), I said "I read your blog". They smiled and she said "You are Jessica!". Wow. My celebrity knew who I was! I may have frightened their kids a little as I said Hi to them by name. And knew details of their lives- like Chloee's Disney Princess night and Hunter's mohawk. But once they knew that I only knew of them from the blog, I think they stopped thinking I'm just some random psycho.

It was just a really surreal thing. Meeting people that you know so much about but have never met. Actually talking to them in real life. Just as it would be surreal to meet some of you faithful readers of mine.

I remain ecstatic that I had my first ever celebrity sighting.

Much Love!


Emily Maher said...

You can meet me anytime you want... ;)I love you.

Katie M. said...

That is awesome! I remember you telling me about that blog! That's cool she knew who you were, too.