Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My One And Only Blog On Politics

Since it's all over the place and people are blogging and blogging and blogging about it, I have decided to throw down my views on politics and the recent happenings. Now I must warn you that I'm not policitally inclined. Meaning I don't pay a whole lot of attention and don't get as informed as I should probably be, if you will. Politics have never been an interesting subject for me. Granted, I DO care about the future of our country. And I do have certain issues that are more important to me as a person than other issues. I'm not going to list out my views and beliefs here. This isn't the place for me. I don't think I need to list out my thoughts on abortion or the fair tax or stem cell research or the war in Iraq. If anyone ever wants to talk politics with me, I'm more than happy to share with you. I'm just not opening myself up like that to the general public. So this is what I will say:

Sarah Palin. McCain's answer to Hillary. McCain's way to swing the Democratic voters who supported Hillary just for the fact that she's a woman. We all know that there are actually people out there who vote for who looks good, what sex someone is, etc. Not about the actual issues that they stand for. Sadly enough, it's true. Palin is McCain's way to get those people who supported Hillary purely as a woman, on his side. Palin COULD be a good VP, but with her limited experience and inability to even know the basics of top government, it would basically be training her for the first 2 years so that she could even act as VP for the next 2 years. I understand the fact that she supports drilling in Alaska. That she is passionate about finding energy solutions within our own country. But what else is she passionate about? Seems to me that the energy issue has been the only thing she is platforming. Tossed in with a few mentions of reform. There are SO many other issues in the USA that I'd really like to know where she stands on before I can truly decide if I think she would be inline with my own views. I know this is all still fairly new, but in my opinion, she needs to get out there more with her other positions on politics.

And though I have never been a Mitt supporter, I think McCain is going to lose a lot of support for not choosing Mitt as his running mate. Mitt had a huge following and was well-known in the political arena. Silly McCain....

Obama and McCain. So different, yet both have things that they feel strongly on that I completely oppose. I'm neither Republican nor a Democrat. I don't fall on one side or another. I am in the middle of that fence. Basically, it boils down to picking the lesser evil for me.

I just took a survey (found here) that you answer the questions and rate their importance to you. And then it tells you who your presidential candidates are in order of closest to your views to further away. (They only give you 6 matches.) Ready for my results? It actually really surprised me:

My number one Presidential Candidate is Chuck Baldwin (Constitution)- 68% match
My number two is Bob Barr (Libertarian)- 64% match
My number three is John McCain (Republican)- 48% match
Tied for number three is Cynthia McKinney (Green Party)- 48% match
My number three is Barack Obama (Democrat)- 44% match
Tied for number four is Ralph Nader (Independant)- 44% match

Wow. Though I won't go into details, I don't like the idea of too much government control. I am opposed to the government having a hand in so many aspects of our lives. Which basically ends up making me more on target with the Constitutionalists and Libertarians of the political world. Before Ron Paul dropped out of the running, he was my number 1 candidate by a large percentage. (I took the same survey a while ago before so many people dropped out of the running.)

I'd be curious to see what YOUR results come out as. Take the survey and post your results if you feel so inclined.

There. That's my political blog. The end.

Much Love!


Cameron's Corner said...

John McCain 75%
Chuck 71%

The rest of them were under 10%.

Emily Maher said...

Well, here are my results:

1. Ralph Nader 64.71%
2. Obama, McCain, Barr, and McKinney were ALL exactly 52.94% - I'm not sure what to make of that...
3. Chuck Baldwin 35.29%

Weird, but good to know I guess. Ha ha.

Just Me said...

So Cam is a flaming Republican and Emily is Independent.
Good to know. :)

Jennif said...

That survey was rad. I had 90% Ralph Nader. Then Barack and McKinney.
Bottom of my barrel, John McCain (Thank God)