Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pushover Smushover

I don't like confrontation. Usually I take the easier route of letting someone walk all over me instead of having to have a conversation with them about how they are walking all over me. But I do have my limits. The whole situation with my landlady has just gotten ridiculous. And knowing that I am going to be out of there at the end of the month gives me the extra push I need to say to my landlady what needs to be said without fear of repercussion. So here's the email that I sent to her today. I am proud of myself for it.

"Hello, Joan.

I have been back to the apartment and am quite confused with something. You told me that the apartment was done and ready to move back into. But as I was there, there were a few things that I noticed have not been completed.

First, the doors are not hung. You did leave a note stating that the workers are coming today to hang the doors. Hopefully that will be taken care of.

Secondly, the baseboards are not completed. They are placed on the floor but not actually secured to the walls. This is not "complete".

Third, the electric heaters are either not hooked up, or are laying on the ground instead of hanging on the wall as they are supposed to be. I went to move my kitchen table from the front room, only to find that it is literally holding up the electric heater from falling over. I don't want to live with my kitchen table in the middle of the front room.

Lastly, the electric heater in the spare room is still constantly on. I received a note from you about two months ago stating that someone was coming to take a look at it, but nothing was ever done. I have basically been paying electricity for the heater ever since I've lived there. As this can get costly, this would need to be fixed since it's something I actually end up having to pay for.

And I do need to address one final concern. You called me last week to explain to me that your son Eric was in my apartment, saw something that he didn't like and threw it away. I can understand your need to be in there while the workers were there. I can understand that you may need to supervise and make sure that things are being done properly. What I have concern with is that your son was there with absolutely no legal reason. My belongings are there. My personal property. No matter how big or small, it is mine. That is a complete violation of my privacy, and I'm having a really hard time with the knowledge that my property is being abused.

Please let me know when the apartment is completely done. Not just the flooring and walls (which are done), but all the other things that need to be completed.

Thank you."

So what do you think? Not bad, huh? I said what I needed to say and hopefully nothing negative comes from it. Though I'm not sure what she can do since evicting me wouldn't exactly hurt. :)

Much Love!

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