Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rational and Irrational Fears Of Mine

Water and/or drowning. Drowning I'm terrified of, as a lot of people are. But did you all know that even in a backyard swimming pool there are fish that bite your toes, electric eels, and sharks? It's true, just ask me.

Enclosed spaces. I'm fine with elevators and the like. But snow caves made as kids? Hell no. Anything like that. Or when I wake up and my blankets are wrapped around me trapping me. That freaks me out. I was also going to say being stuck in a box. But I'm not exactly sure why I would be in a box in the first place......

Snakes. I have a terrible terrible fear of snakes. If I see one, I freeze and can't do anything. The last time I saw a snake in the mountains, my friends had to actually carry me away. And then I started to cry. My sister likes snakes. She's crazy. The other day I had to remind her of a little story where a snake does a very bad thing to a lady named Eve. See? Snakes are bad.

Bombs. Even pre- 9/11 I was afraid of bombs, when it wasn't even something that anyone really thought about. I've had nightmares of being blown up. Let me tell you, being blown up by a bomb is NOT a good time had by all. I avoid bombs when at all possible.

Large crowds of people. It may or may not have to do with the fact that I'm 5' tall so everyone is looming over me. Or the fact that you can't move without either elbowing someone or getting elbowed yourself. Years ago I went to a bar in Ogden with a guy I used to date named Dan. It was super duper crowded to the point where as stated above, you couldn't even move without being in physical contact with someone. Apparently, my face turned completely white, I started shaking, my stomach was rolling, and my eyes started filling up with tears. Dan noticed and rushed me out of there. I cried. Maybe it's also somewhat to do with the "enclosed spaces" fear?

Dead birds. I'm not exactly sure why dead birds scare me, but they do. Other dead animals make me feel sad, but dead birds make me feel fear. I have no explanation for this one.

Impalement. Gates and fences with pointed tops, church steeples, spires on the buildings at Lagoon when riding the sky thing, etc. Anything sharp that could impale scares me. Not as much knives as that's more stabbing than impalement. Stabbing isn't as bad. But that darn impalement thing.....

Lamb's Canyon. I've never been up that canyon, but the many scary stories I've heard makes me feel terrified of that canyon. Most times I can sort through a story vs. real life. Or even if it's real, it didn't happen to me so it's not scary. But Lamb's Canyon stories are real to me for some reason and that place freaks me out.

The KKK. The old-school KKK with burning crosses and all that. I'm not sure why I'm scared of the KKK since I'm not black. Maybe it's just their freaky outfits.

Public speaking. Ever seen a stuttering tomato? That's what I turn into..... a bright red stu-stu-stu-stutterer.

Much Love!


Cameron's Corner said...

So it would be a pretty bad day if you ever found yourself buried alive along with 300 hundred people armed with spears, in Lambs Canyon, in a cross-shaped coffin that's on fire with a large snake that has just swallowed a large, ticking bomb that is slowly filling up with water and drowning all the injured birds while holding a microphone, right?

Just Me said...

My own personal horror story..... that's for putting all those images in my head at once, Cam. :)

Just Me said...

That should say "thanks", not "that's". I is the bestest at learning.

Katie M. said...

OMG! I have anxiety reading this list! Great idea. Although I have to agree with your sister, I dig snakes. And I hate crowds.