Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Have A Pet Peeve

Okay, really I have quite a few pet peeves. But in blogging and emailing and things of the sort, I come across a particular pet peeve of mine with increasing regularity. I'm not going to tell you what it is. I will write a normal blog and here's the game- can you pick up on my pet peeve without me pointing out what it is? Or better yet- can you count how many times I use this exact pet peeve of mine? This is a blog within a blog. Here we go..... (I'm going to try to make it pretty obvious.)

So my landlady said that my apartment is done. I went back their yesterday and went threw the place. It's not really actually done. The doors are off, there is white drywall chalk caked all over my stuff, all my lights are burned out, the baseboards aren't attached, the electric heat in the walls aren't attached, etc. It makes me fill like screaming! Good thing this is my last month dilling with this. I honestly don't think that any landperson should be aloud to treat there tenant with the complete lack of respect that I fill that I have received. Seriously. Like I'm a big fan of having strangers wandering in and out of my apartment without me being their.... I'm just so glad too be out of their soon. I actually broke down last night and bald like a baby. Witch as I've blogged about before, I hate doing. I just need to pack up and be done with it. Hopefully I can hurry it up while the whether is steal nice. Moving in the reign is not my idea of fun. I'm getting sum help cleaning so at least it will be livable at the end of the weak. I'm just filling really bothered these daze. Steal unsure of where I'm going or what to due. Won day at a time, Jessica. Won day at a time.....

End of game.

Much Love!


Cameron's Corner said...

24... give or take 1.

Just Me said...

I count 23. Unless I inadvertently did it on another one that I'm not aware of. Gosh, that's embarassing!
Good job, Cameron!

Cameron's Corner said...

I actually first typed "23... give or take 1". But then I thought, "If I'm saying give or take 1, then I should bump it up one, just in case." Dang.

That One Guy said...

I especially enjoyed, "dilling with this."

Is that a pickle?