Friday, September 5, 2008

My Subconscious, My Family, and United Way

Part 1- My Subconscious

I realized something about myself the other. I nod to myself, shake my head to myself, and cock my head to one side (like a dog does) when I have an interesting thought. I realized this as I was driving to my parent's house on Wednesday. First I noticed myself nodding when I appropriately passed a slow-moving vehicle. Like I was giving myself a thumbs-up or something. It amused me that I physically nod to myself without even realizing it until now. Then yesterday I went to the park by myself and just sat there in the grass for an hour and half just thinking. Not reading, not writing, just thinking. I had an interesting thought and noticed myself cocking my head to the side. As if it makes it easier to think about or something. And then I laughed. And shook my head...... I wonder how many things we each subconsciously do that we notice at some point, or never even notice at all.

Part 2- My Family

So I've stayed at my parent's house the past two nights. And I must say that's it's an absolute blast! My dad and mom have totally mellowed out since I lived there. And my little sisters are hilarious. My sisters made me a bed in their room (which is the entire basement). They basically took every single blanket and pillow and threw it on a folded-down futon. It's so comfortable and soft. And warm, since there's about 20 blankets should I choose to use them. Anyways, I got there Wednesday night and we went to bed. Emily and Rachel and I just talked and joked around and laughed hysterically. My odd sense of humor was passed off to them as they were growing up, so we find things funny that most other people wouldn't. So we just laughed and laughed and laughed- and then we all fell asleep at the same time. Then last night when I was there, Emily pulled up a song on the computer that she wanted me to listen to. My mom had purchased a puppet from Mexico for my nephew. We sat there and made the puppet dance and jump and stomp his foot to the music and again, we'd laugh hysterically. As Cameron posted- we are easily entertained. For example- one time at a family dinner at my Grandma's house, we all held hands and swayed singing "Kumbaya" around the dinner table. For no reason whatsoever. So I've had a very entertaining past two nights with the fam. It's honestly been a blast.

Part 3- United Way
Yesterday was the United Way Day of Caring. I volunteer every year because I love it. We meet at the Gateway at 7 AM for free breakfast, coffee, juice, etc. They have a live band and a lot of the radio stations are there. Yesterday they announced that there were 2,600 people involved. That's awesome! So we had breakfast and then went on our way to our place (gotta keep this certain place confidential) for our volunteer assignment. We were in charge of cleaning the kitchen. We went through a couple bottles of de-greaser and about 15 rags. It was a mess! I basically stood on a ladder and scrubbed the ceiling all day long. But we had a great time and really feel like we helped out a lot. By the time we were done with the kitchen, you could actually start to see the color of the ceiling and the stainless steel of the grill. Imagine that! Their ceilings weren't originally orange/brown after all! Here's two pictures for you. The first one is my back (since I kept trying to avoid the camera) wearing my totally awesome United Way shirt. The second one is me in mid-sentence (not very flattering).

So now I'm off to eat free lunch of food from Chicken Express. (Another free lunch day at work.)
Much Love!


Katie M. said...

That's awesome! Maybe next year I will volunteer for United Way. I love Chicken Express, btw. YUM.

I'm glad you are enjoying time with your family! That is always important. Love ya.

Just Me said...

Yah, we actually saw some of your people at the Kick-Off. And CHG was a sponser. You should totally go next year, I love it!