Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bit of This And a Bit of That

Calendar- 4/22- Glasses/Shopping/Walked Sunni at park

My work is actually pretty cool. The company has always been really good about extra perks to keep us happy. For example- for the company's 125th anniversary (which happened to fall exactly on my 25th birthday), every employee got to pick up to $125 worth of stuff. I got a little propane grill and some free steaks which I ate immediately, yummy! Anyways, we always do get free lunches and breakfasts and my work schedule itself is really flexible. Today I found out that the office manager bought our office a Wii! Wahoo! So now after a bad phone call where someone is screaming at me and I'm on the verge of tears, I can take a break and go hit some baseballs without having to leave the building. I think that is such a cool idea. On Friday we are getting a free "Thank You" lunch from Chicken Express and we are having a Wii bowling competition. I have never played the Wii, nor am I very good at bowling. But I have a feeling that Friday will be a good day and that I'll be a magnificant Wii bowler! Hahaha!

Random quick story: I just went outside for a cigarette and was sitting on the curb playing with my cell phone when I heard the door open. Then this person just let it all out, if you know what I mean. She must've been holding that in for quite a while! I got up to come back to work and she notices me and turns bright red. This professional looking lady with her hair and nails and make-up all done. I wanted to tell her that it's not big deal, but I figured that would embarass her even more. By not saying anything, she could at least cling on to the hope that I didn't hear anything. That put a smile on my face, though.

So last night I wrote a blog to post today because I was feeling sad and miserable. And now I don't really want to post it because I'm not feeling sad or miserable anymore. Nights are always the hardest for me, when I'm alone in the dark. Anyways, so though I won't post the entire thing, I'll touch up on some points that I made. I discussed how Michael's version of a "soulmate" and my version of a "soulmate" are different but that I can understand his version. Then I questioned if there's some secret requirement that in order to find out if someone is your "soulmate" by Michael's version, you have to put it to the test instead of just assuming it. If you have to let someone go to see if they come back vs. just believing in the relationship without needing proof. I wrote how I'm really starting to feel ruined. How I'm on the waiting list for a heart transplant, yet my insurance doesn't cover the type of heart transplant I'm in need of. That I'm getting tired of being thrown into the ocean of emotion with my feet sealed in cement blocks. I wrote all that last night and felt it. I still feel it, but as I said- days are easier for me. So I'll probably end up feeling sad and miserable again tonight, but I can also expect better times to come.

As I'm 28 years old, I've dated quite a few people in my life. Today, I was talking with a friend at work as she asked how I'm doing. I told her that I had heard from Dan and asked if she remembered him. She smiled and said "I love Dan!, We all love Dan!". And it made me realize that out of everyone I ever brought around my friends, Dan was the one that everyone gravitated towards. I mean, I DID date him for quite a while and people got to know him pretty well. But Dan was the favorite. Ironically enough, I have a tentative date with the infamous "Dan" on Friday. He hurt me in the past but is an awesome person. And this time since my heart is temporarily out of order, I'm in no danger of being hurt by him. It will just be fun to get together and reminisce about the past with the crazy guy. So we'll see if we can pull off getting together as I'm hoping.

Sunni made some friends on our walk at the park yesterday. These two little girls LOVED Sunni and oddly enough, Sunni actually loved them back! Usually Sunni is wierd around strangers and it takes a long time for her to warm up to people. It took her months before she jumped up on Michael and he was always good with her. So I was quite shocked that Sunni took to these little girls so fast. The older one was so excited because she "loves doggies" and had a library book of dogs in her hand. She frantically rushed to find the page for Cocker Spaniels and then asked her dad if she could have one. Sunni barked at the dad, of course. She doesn't like men very much and I'm not sure why as no man has ever hurt her. Does she pick up vibes from me that men can hurt us? Does she actually hear the words I mumble when I cry to her? It's just wierd. Or maybe she's just gotten so used to being alone with me all the time yet having men in and out of her life so much that she's gotten to the point where she doesn't want to get attached anymore so she gets defensive? Maybe she's more like me than I thought......

I'm in charge of the catering for our work Summer Event. Why I volunteered myself for it, I have no idea. But it's actually been fun to get paid to play on the internet looking for possible options. I've made a few calls and think that I've made my decision which I will present to the Activities Committee (that I'm on) on Friday. Wahoo! And just this very second I realized something. The Summer Event is on the 28th of June, but I'll be at Bear Lake with the family. I won't be missing out on a whole lot so it's not a big deal at all. I mean honestly, which would you prefer: Having a catered BBQ at a park with people that you see 5 days a week, OR, Staying in the family cabin with your loved ones with the lake just right across the street and the freedom to do whatever you want? Yep, I'm not too bummed.

Okay, I'm officially ending this one now. Work needs to be done and then Buca Di Beppo is calling my name for dinner.

Much love!

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