Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun With Play-Doh

I had dinner plans with a girlfriend of mine last night. However, I worked until 6 and we were supposed to meet up at 6:30. I figured that it made more sense to just play at work until the designated time, rather than start driving home then have to turn around before I even GET home. Logical, right?

I pulled up my most favorite thing in the world on the internet. Maybe you've heard of it? It's called Youtube. Once on this site called Youtube, I pulled up a bunch of Judge Judy clips. I adore Judge Judy. As long as I'm not the one being yelled at, of course.

So I'm sitting there listening to Judge Judy when I look over and spy some Play-Doh that I stole from someone on Halloween.

I have to be honest- I have forgotten how extremely fun Play-Doh is! My imagination got a little kick since it hasn't been used in a while.

I then spy a sucker that I forgot was sitting on my desk.

Chad walks over to my desk and....... I'm playing with Play-Doh with a sucker in my mouth. We both laugh as I realize I look like the young lass I once was. Here are three examples of my inate creativity in relation to Play-Doh. I was in the middle of Olympic Rings when I had to leave. But leaving Play-Doh out in the air is a sin, so I had to scrap that project.

Much Love!

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Goofy McWanker said...

I gotta admire Judge Judy - she makes a killing by publicly belittling hillbillies and their non-white counterparts - what a gig. I'm a little slow in identifying #1 but #2 is your subconscious desire to reside in Arizona and #3 is also my favorite inanimate co-star in a movie - nice job! Don't ever doubt your abilities again.