Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jessica Appreciation Day

I declared today as "Jessica Appreciation Day" due to my desperate need to feel loved and cared for these days.

Me and 7 of my close friends are getting together for dinner for this celebration.

I just thought you all should be aware of this new national holiday.

Much Love!


Emily Maher said...

Shoot. Sorry, love! I was barely awake when I got your text, and as a result, it's been hiding in the deepest recesses of my mind until now.

I love you. I hereby declare November 5 National Jessica Appreciation Day. No, National Jessica Maher Appreciation Day. That way, all the lame Jessica's can't have a free ride on your holiday.

(Also, thanks for letting me pretend that I have the authority to declare national holidays. I just really wanted to say it.)

Katie M. said...

Sorry again, Jess. I had plans already with an old high school friend for dinner! Loves.


Just Me said...

Don't even worry about it, Katie. Dinner soon for sure!

And Emily- YOU have the power. (And next year, the banks and government offices will be closed due to this national holiday. Wahoo!)