Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I Can Do Pretty Well

Self Explanatory Title

Cook. I have mentioned this before here. I can whip up a decent dish with little to no previous knowledge of a recipe. I am aware of tastes that go together and tastes that absolutely do NOT go together. I can go to the store and randomly grab ingredients and end up with something delicious. As an added bonus, I actually enjoy cooking. I can cook pretty well.

Make up silly lawsuits. I mentioned one of these ideas here. Here is a short list of silly lawsuits so that I can sue people and live off court winnings.

1- The previously said Frito-Lay lawsuit
2- Swanson. Their Hungry Man frozen dinners. So very very sexist. What- just because I'm a hungry woman I can't eat them?
3- Play-doh. Nowhere on the packaging does it say to not ingest this salty treat.
4- The company that makes Sour Patch Kids. Like the Frito-Lay lawsuit, there is no warning as to the tongue damage done due to eating a gazillion of these candies.
I could go on and on with silly lawsuits. That's something I do pretty well.

Fix things and pretend to be McGyver. I like using my hands. I like putting things together and even fixing things. Once, I took about my DVD player since it wasn't working. I played around with it for a while, put it all back together, and it worked! Michael's towel rack fell off the wall the other day. Not having a screwdriver, I grabbed a steak knife and proceeded to put the thing back together. It's now extremely secure. If something is broken, I will tinker with it and end up with it being fixed. There's also the time that Chad and I went to blow up his raft to go floating at East Canyon. But the pump we borrowed didn't have the right hose to hook into the raft. Putting our heads together, we assembled our own hose. With a tampon applicator. I can fix things and pretend to be McGyver pretty well.

Sing. Though very very few people have ever experienced this knowledge. I would sing in choir and do solos in church and seminary growing up. But for some reason, I do not like singing in front of people. Oddly enough, my voice is quite decent. So though I won't prove it to you, I can sing pretty well.

Math. I like math and do it for fun. 'Nuff said. I can do math pretty well.

Speed-read. I am a natural speed-reader. Give me a book and I'll read 400 pages within a couple hours. This is not something I have worked at, this just comes naturally to me. I can speed-read pretty well.

Gift-giving. I am an awesome gift-giver. Most of my Christmas gifts for those closest to me are homemade, or have some sentimentality attached to it. I usually remember things that people have mentioned that they want. But again, I usually focus on homemade or sentimental gifts. I personally believe that it's better to give someone something that you put some work into or that would remind them of a special memory or be specifically designed for that individual. I give gifts pretty well.

So there you have it- a list of some things I can do pretty well. And just since it's a beautiful Friday, here is a clip from my sister's performance at Solid Ground Cafe. (She also has a amazingly wonderful CD out if you are interested.) Enjoy!

Much Love!


Emily Maher said...

You adorable little thing! You know what I realized while reading this? You're the one who started my love for singing AND for reading. I mean, the crocodile song? That's the first song I ever learned and you taught it to me. And you had me reading out of pretty hard to read fairytale books by the time I was 6. So- thank you. And I wouldn't call your voice "decent". It's beautiful. I'm glad I'm one of the few who have heard it.

Goofy McWanker said...

Very entertaining. I can attest to your cooking, gift-giving, singing and the brain-intensive activities but I'm a little surprised at your MacGuyver abilities - makes good sense because of where you've lived for the past 4 years. Good luck on your frivolous lawsuits, by the way - anything is possible if you believe.

Just Me said...

Emily- Yah, but I also made you play "Spikes" and make shampoo commercials and pretended to fall asleep while you were scratching my back. So don't give me TOO much credit. Heehee! :)

Mister Man- I am thinking about installing a new stereo by myself. We will see.... hey- maybe next time you throw and break your cell phone you can bring it to me. Haha!
P.S. Thanks for saving me the other night, knite.

Raven said...

I am a pretty big math whiz too. As a matter of fact... I has saved my position more times than I can count!